Steps to convincing customers that your continuity program is not a money making scheme

Written By Steps To Faculty Published June 29th, 2010

Whether an organization is striving for safety or sales goals, an employee or brand royalty, a continuity program should be designed by professionals to help sustain the customers. Any doubts by customers whether the program is a profit or not can be dispelled by ensuring that the program is simple, safe, motivates the customers, has a transactional database, is responsive to feedback, and builds a solid reputation to encourage excellence. Here’s how.

Step 1 Go cheap

A simple continuity program uses inexpensive products to rewards customers for the goods they buy. This action has been proven not to create any suspicion among members. On the other hand, if expensive items are used to reward the customers, their suspicions are automatically aroused, which affects the business in a negative manner.

Step 2 Think carefully

A carefully planned programs can be use to influence all sorts of behaviors. Customers working in risky jobs can be rewarded by safety related gifts or by setting up a comprehensive program that rewards them following a safety practice.

Step 3 Motivate customers

A program that motivates customers is the one that encourages customers to earn more points. For instance, once customers earn more points and then use it on an item, they could then accrue more points and ‘buy’ something and so they could continually go to the well and be motivated and their diligence maintained.

Step 4 Keep on giving

Customers can further be encouraged to participate in continuity programs while keeping their doubts at bay by encouraging excellence in point earnings among themselves. This can be done by rewarding high-point earners at the end of a certain period for example a month.

Step 5 Open up

A responsive and an existing transaction base that is visible to your customers can ensure that they are able to personally check their point earnings. This eases their anxiety and reaffirms that your continuity program is not a money making scheme.

Remember, your customers create your revenue streams.

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