Steps to finding good non profit alliances for your business

Written By Steps To Faculty Published June 29th, 2010

The growth of non profit alliances/organizations is exponential. Given the shaky economy, many business owners realize that forging a partnership or secondary alliance with a non profit alliance is a sure-fire way to increase sales and at the same time help out a community. There are numerous alliances out there, but those that are important to small business owners and also preferred by them include: ZigBee Alliance, The Microfinance Information Exchange, One Income Corporation, The Product Development and Management Association, The SCORE Association, and SAAC New York. Find out why each is significant.

Step 1 Work together

The mission of ZigBee Alliance ( is to enable companies work together in a reliable, cost effective, low-powered and wirelessly networked and control products based on open standards. They provide the consumer or business with flexible, mobile and easy-to-use intelligence products worldwide for those who join the alliance.

Step 2 Get good business information

The Microfinance Information Exchange Inc, (, on the other hand, provides business information and data analysis on microfinance providers and institutions around the world. The SAAC New York is non-profit organization that publishes informational booklets covering fundamental transatlantic business about trend reports and business relations.

Step 3 Help the less fortunate while advertising locally

One Income Corporation is a non profit organization that connects low-income people and businesses with the focus of bringing broadband access, and technological training to them. They also create localized websites and this may be helpful to businesses who may want to advertise their goods locally.

Step 4 Diversify and see what is out there

The Product Development and Management Association ( is a society that organizes and publishes information about the development of new products. It also operates a training program and therefore helpful to business aiming to diversify its products.

Step 5 Mentor

The SCORE Association ( is another non-profit alliance that provides free mentoring services to entrepreneurs in the U.S by active and retired business executives who donate their expertise and time assist new and established small businesses.

Remember, an alliance is sometimes better than a solo act.

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