Steps to top continuity programs

Written By Steps To Faculty Published June 29th, 2010

A membership continuity program is a situation where a customer pays to access on regular any type of product. The idea of continuity marketing is based on simple but extremely powerful principle described as “selling the nipple of the apple” and involves choosing a list that identifies personal interests and using overlays to enhance response files with lifestyle. The top marketing programs include Price Points, Pricing Strategy, Negative-option programs, multi-component marketing strategy, bill-me offers and high-end gifts. These programs are the best for retention of customers in an organization, thus ensuring that sales are kept at level-high. Take a look.

Step 1 Earn points

A Price point is a program where customers earn points for the amount of goods they buy or for the value of services they get. It offers business-to-customer products aimed at customer retention and a later successful back-end payment history.

Step 2 Ship on a regular basis

A negative option program is where a customer receives shipment for goods at a regular basis resulting in higher sales rather than positive option where goods are delivered at once. This profitably works for the upscale demographics and disposable income than the general population.

Step 3 Increase incremental sales

A pricing strategy is a program aimed increasing incremental sales to continuity customers since it is normally easier to boost average dollar-spent amounts than response rates. It involves analyzing purchase history in order for the business to offer special priced products likely to attract specific customer segments.

Step 4 Offer an array of goods and services

Multi-component marketing strategy on the other hand offers a wide variety of goods thereby ensuring that customers are retained and do not have to go to other places in search of goods.

Step 5 Give a gift

Bill-me offers and high-end gifts is another program that ensures that the customers are retained buy offering gifts to them consistently thus ensuring their loyalty arrested in the organization.

Remember, your customers can make or break your business.

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