Entrepreneurial Leverage: The Mega Millionaire’s Secret to Making Lots of Money

Written By Gary Spirer Published June 30th, 2010

Why are Mega Millionaires Buffett, Gates, Jobs, Welch, Lynch, Trump, Oprah, Branson at the top of the moneymaking and wealth lists year after year in a very competitive world?

The Answer: Like Rockefeller, Vanderbilt, Edison, Ford, Carnegie, and numerous others like Moses, Christ, Mohammed, Buddha, Lao Tse and Confucius, today’s Mega Millionaires all use a similar approach to achievement and success called Entrepreneurial Leverage.

Step 1 – The 7 Essential Elements of Entrepreneurial Leverage:
1. A Entrepreneurial Mindset
2. A unique voice
3. Leverage
4. An uncanny (intuitive) ability to understand the Dynamic Market Forces of their time
5. An openness to counsel others
6. A communication style that infects others to carry out their unique voice and vision
7. Ability to adjust to change and feedback

Step 2 – The 6 Approaches Mega Millionaires Take To Find and Exploit Opportunities Using Entrepreneurial Leverage:
1. They decipher Paradigm Shifts or dramatic changes in the way we see the world, e.g., Computer Age; Knowledge Workers; Internet Age.
2. They figure out the contexts or frameworks that result from the Paradigm Shifts e.g. globalization: instant communication.
3. They understand how old and new Dynamic Market Forces are set in motion by the paradigm shifts and affect the marketplace, e.g., how you communicate (mobile phones, e-mail) when (24/7 online) what (online information) why (save time; get more faster).
4. They review and prioritize the opportunities that result from these Paradigm Shifts, Contexts and Dynamic Forces.
5. They review what strategic investments are the best to take advantage of the opportunities and Dynamic Market Forces.
6. They Leverage the opportunity. Once you know you can make money, accelerate growth; reinvest profits; create compounding and increasing returns.

Step 3 – The 15 Major Dynamic Market Forces: Mega Millionaires Are Now Leveraging:
1. Speed
2. Internet
3. Time
4. New Technologies
5. Culture – what is fashionable; what and who attracts the thought leaders and creates organic buzz.
6. Depreciation of the Dollar
7. Overregulation
8. Cost of protection
9. Narcissism Self Indulgence and Instant Everything
10. Relativism. You make up the rules.
11. Mass to Niche Marketing
12. More Is Better-Long Tail Strategy
13. Globalization
14. Flattening Of The World: outsourcing; networking; multi-sourcing.
15. Knowledge Workers

Step 4 – What Mega Millionaires Know About the Internet That They Are Exploiting:
· The Internet is an entrepreneur’s dream, one of the greatest leverage tools ever invented.
· Small can compete with large and succeed. Small can become big very fast and create substantial wealth.
· It is where the imaginative resourceful entrepreneur can leverage various combinations of speed, time, community, collaboration, networking outsourcing.
· A vehicle for delivering instant communication, instant gratification and innumerable options. Overwhelming amounts of information and a global marketplace. The Combination Information, Directing Marketing and the Internet is the perfect wave for making lots of money and creating Mega Millionaire wealth.
· It is a medium for information that lowers prices; cuts out middlemen; allows for anyone to voice an opinion.

Step 5 – The Internet Also Has the Following Characteristics Which Entrepreneurs Look to Exploit:
· Alters traditional time and space relationships by operating 24/7 in cyberspace (non physical).
· Ironically, is seen as having strength in seeking truth, real facts and democratization of thought.
· Yet, its strengths are also its weakness in that it creates an environment of invented identities that can cheat, misrepresent, or misinform. Amateurs masquerade as professionals and experts.
· Makes possible Social Media such as Facebook and MySpace that make the average Jane and Joe their own heroes. “It’s all about me.” “Look at me!”
· Makes Direct Marketing King-and the basis for the new way of doing business on and off-line.

Step 6 – The Huge Price of Not Recognizing the Power to Leverage Paradigm Shifts and Dynamic Market Forces Such As the Internet:

If you deny or do not respond appropriately to these Dynamic Market Forces like the Internet, you will never reach your full potential. Even if you have a profitable and growing business you will exhaust your resources and productive capacity and burn yourself out in a process.

Step 7 – Mega Millionaires And Their Companies Use Entrepreneurial Leverage to Create Strategies Which Take Advantage Of:
· The Internet
· Collaboration
· Networking
· Information Marketing
· Direct Marketing Techniques
· Outsourcing
· Inventory on demand
· Multi-channels of distribution

Each of these strategies allows the Entrepreneur to communicate and leverage their unique voice or unique selling proposition (USP). By using various combinations of these strategies entrepreneurs and leaders get their message out; attract attention; create a dialogue; and engage their new and old customers.

Think of Microsoft, Amazon, General Electric, Apple, Berkshire Hathaway, and Virgin. These are the Mega Millionaire leaders that are all using strategies that employ Entrepreneurial Leverage to exploit The Ages of Speed, the Internet and Time Poverty.

No matter how big or small the companies, Entrepreneurs look to accelerate their growth by aligning with and leveraging market changes; market forces; and market opportunities.

In the end, the Mega Millionaires are visionaries, jugglers and decoders of numerous variables to find the right opportunities to make strategic investments; create value; and catapult their business career or life to the next level.

To exploit Entrepreneurial Leverage you should constantly be aware of what changes are occurring in the market place. Determine how you can get the right people at the right time in the right place to exploit the opportunities and maximize your rates of return using the leverage strategies mentioned above.

Roger Due

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