Steps to becoming a ghostwriter

Written By Steps To Faculty Published July 6th, 2010

Have you read the content on the Internet lately? Have you recently read a celebrity book? If so, chances are you have also read the work of a ghostwriter. Ghostwriters are becoming more popular as the need for skilled behind the scene writers increases. Often times, business owners, webmasters, and other professionals are too busy to also be able to write content for their business as well. The ghostwriter fills this need. Do you want to enter this exciting and expanding field? If so, then read on as becoming a ghostwriter is easier than you could have imagined.

Step 1 Gain experience

Like any other professional or paraprofessional field, you need to get your feet wet before being hired by anyone. Begin by writing some articles or web copy for Be sure to pick topics that are appealing to everyone, such as saving money, when selecting your first few articles. By doing so, you will have more readers, which will add to your credibility as a ghostwriter. Keep copies of your work as these first articles become part of your portfolio.

Step 2 Get out there

Now that you have a working portfolio, become a freelancer on sites such as or Through these sites, people in need of a ghostwriter will post their project and bid on the ghostwriter. In some cases, if they look at your work, you will get hired directly and also start getting paid for your services.

Step 3 Set up a business

A great way to attract more work is to establish you business and post your portfolio on your site. Then, look through all the major job classified sections in the world, such as or, to find work as a ghostwriter. You should consider expanding throughout the world as many other business around the globe need ghostwriters fluent in English language to help promote their business.

Step 4 Advertise your business

Set up Twitter and Face book accounts to promote your business. You should also use LinkedIn also to get some jobs. Also consider placing small ads in professional social networks, such as those on, where professionals can quickly review your work and hire you. There is less competition by doing so.

Step 5 Be professional and competitive

Once you begin to get writing assignments, be sure to return them on schedule and be courteous when communicating with clients. You should also look at what other ghostwriters are doing and find out where their contracts are coming from. Try to search for a list of ghostwriters.

Remember, ghostwriting will be a huge field in the coming years, so don’t delay. Please visit for more great business advice.

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