Steps to becoming an author

Written By Steps To Faculty Published July 6th, 2010

For many people like yourself, there is nothing that can compare to the dream of having a book in your name. Getting your thoughts, stories, and ideas in print and being recognized for those intellectual contributions and can seem like a daunting task. The admiration you receive from others when they learn that you are an author is also a bonus. Given the millions of existing books in circulation, you may feel that you have nothing new to add. However, these sentiments are far from the truth. There are many new technologies that can help get you into published and recognized as an author faster than you think. In some cases, within a month from now, you too can be a published author. Find out how.

Step 1 Review your material

First you need to determine what you want to write about if you have not done so already. Then select the genre that it belongs. What qualifies you to write the book? Frequently you will be asked these questions by agents or publishing houses, so begin to prepare yourself. If you have material already, review it carefully to ensure it is error free. If you have not began to write, now is the time to write your book and perfect it.

Step 2 Get the book

The next step is to invest in the book entitled The Writers Market 2010, which is available at and other major retailers. You may also visit your local library to find a copy. The book is full of addresses of agents, publishers, and advice on submitting your material for consideration.

Step 3 Submit your materials

Now that you have found agents and publishing companies from the Writers Market, you need to submit your work to them for review. This is a slow process and can take up to six months before a response is received.

Step 4 Do it yourself

If you want to publish right away and do not want to wait months before receiving a response from an agent or publisher, then you can always self-publish. and are the best sources to help you get self-published without any fraud attached. The two programs also have the most equitable royalty payouts.

Step 5 Promote yourself

Whether you decide to self publish or if you are accepted by a publishing house or agent, you will still need to promote your work. Use and to get the name of your book out in the eyes of the public.

Remember, the journey begins with a single page. Please visit for more great business advice.

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