Steps to becoming an expert in your niche

Written By Steps To Faculty Published July 6th, 2010

Do you want to be considered the head honcho in your chosen profession or area of interest? If so, then you might want to learn how to become an expert in a special interest area. Becoming a subject matter expert can help get you noticed and be widely sought after for your knowledge and savvy. No, it does not necessarily require another degree or years of work experience, but it will require some preparation and a bit of research on the topic that you wish to be an expert. Let’s take a look at what it will take to make you the next subject matter expert.

Step 1 Find an area

Before you can actively engage in learning everything about a particular subject, you first need to know which area is ofinterest to you. Go to the library and read or look through online knowledge portals that provide a wealth of information on virtually all topics.

Step 2 Research

Find out which topics will be of interest to the vast majority of people. Also, consider topics that have many sub-specialities. For example, Art as a topic is broad enough to cover Digital Arts and Fine Arts. But within each of these subcategories, you can focus on animation, cartoon sketching, creative writing, and even graphic design. Even each of these topics covers more areas within.

Step 3 Talk to people

Once you have determined what area or subject matter you wish to become an expert in, talk to people in the field. for example, if you are interested in the export business, speak to everyone from the CEO of a multimillion dollar export business to the low-paid delivery person. Talk to as many people as you can get to interview to learn the area inside and out. Also, at this stage, be sure to question your subjects about their experiences and words of wisdom. By gaining an understanding of the topic from many angles, you will quickly see how much more proficient you will become and how much wiser you will sound to others who will seek your knowledge.

Step 4 Go to Seminars, conferences, and even classes

To learn about the current issues surrounding your particular desired subject matter, you need to find out what is currently going on. sign up for seminars or conferences. Even take an online class about the subject matter. By doing so, you will further your understanding.

Step 5 Put it all together

Now that you have acquired a deep understanding of your subject matter, put it in writing. Do a comparative assessment of your area from all the interviews that you conducted and write a blog or book on the issue. Use as a free blog source. Promote yourself also by signing up to be a guest lecturer at nearby colleges or through joint conferences in the industry. By exposing your knowledge you will be seen as an expert in no time.

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