Steps to having a personal assistance business

Written By Steps To Faculty Published July 6th, 2010

Are at a loss for an exciting career that offers constant challenges and will keep you on your toes? Then look no further than the role of personal assistants. Offering personal assistance to the harried is a great way to make a living. Not only will you be busy, you will also have more job security than most professionals. Here is how to plan such a business.

Step 1 Join the club

The first step in entering this field is to get certified (costs $100) and join the National virtual Assistants organization at and By doing so, you will be promoted to many corporations and individuals looking for personal assistants. In addition, you will gain credibility as you will be part of a highly regarded organization.

Step 2 Get the right tools

You will be advised by the above organizations, however, you need to prepare to be a personal assistant. You will need a good scheduling tool, be able to take emails at a moments notice, have a good phone connection, and a fax machine at your finger tips. You should also invest in good software such as Photoshop and Microsoft Office.

Step 3 Organize

After you successfully complete the examination for certification and you start receiving some calls for work, get organized. This is a fast paced career path and you cannot afford to miss a beat. Once you begin working, the work flow is nonstop. It is harder to get organized later on.

Step 4 Lay the foundation

In the early stages of working with your clients, set up a specific schedule as to how the work you are assigned will get done. Let your clients know this schedule and what they should expect from you. Often, this step is ignored and results in chaos for the personal assistant. It is better to avoid unnecessary arguments due to lack of communication.

Step 5 Do the unexpected

Suppose you know that your client needs a productivity report each week on Friday at 5:00 p.m. Get it ready by 4:30 and turn it in. If you know that another client may need their lunch at noon, be sure to have it ready for them by 11:50 if possible. By taking a few painstaking steps to impress, you will secure your position and become a valuable asset to your client.

Remember, helping others is exhausting work so schedule a few minutes for yourself also. Please visit for more great business advice.

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