Can business growth actually be a bad thing?

Written By Steps To Faculty Published July 8th, 2010

We hear about it every day: so-and-so built an empire from the basement of his parent’s house or built a new multinational from his third-story apartment; we can all be forgiven for thinking that the ultimate objective of any businessperson is to grow his or her business indefinitely. However, is it possible that business growth can be bad for a business and bad for a business owner? I am going to give you three reasons why you might want to reconsider growing your business; growing bigger, as we shall see, is not necessarily the best thing for everyone.

Step 1 Is your business giving you the lifestyle you want now?

Sometimes, people are quite content with a small business that caters to a few loyal clientele and that is not large or unwieldy; the pressure is not too much, the business is not too far-flung and complex, and the pace is manageable. When you grow a business, the new demands, the logistical concerns, and the increased complexity can end up forcing you to live a lifestyle you may not want to live. Getting bigger is not necessarily the best thing for everyone, so you have to ask yourself if you want to spend more hours at work or are, instead, happy with how things are at present. If you are happy, then maybe what you have is good enough.

Step 2 Can you handle a loss of control?

Is your business your baby? Have you watched it grow from a tiny sapling into a sturdy oak? If you have, then growth may not be for you if it means that perfect strangers are going to have to come on-board and are going to have to start making the executive decisions you once made on your own. Let’s be fair about things: when things start getting big, it is impossible for one person to handle anything any longer; when that day arrives, the business really ceases to be yours and starts to become other people’s business. An honest person has to look inside and decide if that is what he or she wants.

Step 3 A big business is no longer a family

When a business gets big, it ceases being a family entity; now, you have large numbers of employees you do not know, supervisors you may not have hired personally, and clientele with whom you have never established a personal relationship. If you are a small business owner, one of the things that may appeal to you is that you can work with the same small circle of friends and that you may know the same loyal customers – and even their children as they grow older. If you like that feeling, then maybe growing the business is not the thing for you; keep things small and local, and keep your friends and loyal patrons close, too.

Big isn’t always better; we all have to decide what is right for us, but there is no question that a big business may not be the thing for you if the items mentioned above matter. All in all, we go into business for ourselves to be happy as well as financially independent – and bigger isn’t always better.

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