How do you create the right mindset for creative business ideas?

Written By Steps To Faculty Published July 8th, 2010

You know, being creative is a mind-set; it is about having a certain fearlessness in a world where we are all constantly being told that we should not do this or that we should not do that. What I am about to tell you may not seem earth-shattering, but it is a sad fact of life that so many people in our society never become all they could become because they allow their fears to overwhelm them; if you want success, you need to be able to grasp for the brass ring. In light of all this, I have a few key steps that can allow you to create the mind-set you need to be a creative businessperson.

Step 1 You have to realize that you will fail periodically

So many people get knocked down by failure and never get back up. If you want to succeed in becoming a creative person, you have to recognize that failure is part of the equation; there has never been a businessperson who has gone through life without a few unfortunate failures along the way. With that in mind, don’t let failure break your spirit; many great people have failed their way to great successes and those who have never failed have probably never achieved much, either.

Step 2 Surround yourself with positive, energetic people

This seems so simple – but we all know that there are people in our lives who drain our energy rather than replenishing it. If you want to be creative, you have to be around people who are fun-loving, high energy, pleasant, risk-takers and people who make it a point to enjoy life each day. The key to a creative life is to be around those who are simply not afraid to push the envelope and who embrace change.

Step 3 make a promise each day to be one percent better than you were the day before

Have you ever noticed that people tend to nudge off course slowly, almost imperceptibly, over time? When we gain weight, we rarely gain large amounts of weight all at once but we gain it, bit by bit, over many weeks or months until, one day, we cannot bend over to tie up our shoe-laces. If you want to be a creative person, you have to make a point of being a better person each day. That means learning one new skill a day or making it a point to learn one single new tid-bit of information each day; maybe it means stepping out of your comfort zone in one new area each day so that you become acclimated to doing something differently from what you have done before. Do those simple things and you become a little better each day – and that, in the end, will make you a person with the right mind-set for creativity.

We all want success; we all want greatness; we all to be a bit better than we are. The way you get there is by adopting a certain mind-set; you just decide that you are not going to be afraid anymore and that you are not going to let your fears control your life. Successful people step outside their comfort zones because they have learned that being uncomfortable is part of the price you must pay in order to become more comfortable in the long-run.

Roger Due

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