How do you improve brainpower so that you can actually become more creative?

Written By Steps To Faculty Published July 8th, 2010

If you want to be creative, it usually pays to be pretty darn smart. But how do you get ‘smarter?’ Obviously, there are a lot of different theories on all of this, and maybe there is no one right way or one shoe-fits-all approach that can make you a more robust, more vigorous and more intellectual person. However, I think there are three steps that, if you follow them, can allow you to become a ‘smarter’ person and a person better-equipped to achieve great things.

Step 1 Learn new skills

In my estimation, when you learn a new skill, you are tacitly acknowledging the fact that we can never remain the same person today that we were yesterday if we want to achieve success tomorrow. With that in mind, the key to being a ‘smart’ person is to learn new skills all the time; new areas of endeavor will force you to think in new ways and to use new cognitive behavioral and meta-cognitive approaches. When we learn how to knit or when we take a course in introductory physics, we are learning to use different parts of our brain – and that is going to make us more agile and versatile moving forward.

Step 2 Test your boundaries and expand your knowledge in an incremental fashion

Being smart really means getting the most you can out of what you have been given; you cannot be something you are not, but you can certainly be all that you can be. To do that, however, you have to go about knowledge acquisition in a smart fashion: a lot of people are gung-ho at the start when they want to educate themselves on new things, and they invariably try to immerse themselves in the learning of new techniques, strategies and skills with the eagerness of a zealot. The problem with this, though, is that they get in over their head, cannot process the knowledge being conveyed, become discouraged, and they quit. If you want to educate yourself and become smarter – and thus more capable of coming up with creative business ideas – you need to take baby steps: learn a new, small trick each day; learn a single page of material each day (or even just a paragraph); and make sure that the learning process never takes more than 60-120 minutes (after all, you have a life outside trying to learn new things). Follow the simple steps, and you will be amazed at the knowledge you acquire and how much ‘smarter’ you will become.

Step 3 Surround yourself with people who smarter than you are

This is maybe the hardest thing most of us will ever do. At our cores, people do not like to feel stupid; it is one reason why most people do not feel comfortable having a boyfriend or girlfriend substantially smarter than we are. However, when you are around people who are more talented than you are, you learn how to think in new ways; you learn how to conceptualize or strategize in new ways; and you are forced to push yourself if you want to stay abreast of everyone else in your inner circle.

Being ‘smart’ isn’t just about being gifted; we can learn to be smart by the friends we choose, the skills we try to learn, and by the approach we take to learning. To be an ideas person, we first have to become a person who understands the necessity of putting ourselves in a position where we have to think all the time.

Roger Due

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