Women Entrepreneurs – Don’t be afraid to be ‘feminine’

Written By Steps To Faculty Published July 8th, 2010

A lot of women in our society tend to think that finding success in a ‘man’s world’ involves acting like a man; this is often true, but it is not always true. Certainly, if you are a female entrepreneur, there are distinct advantages to being a woman that can allow you to tap into under-stated needs and wants that have historically been overlooked. In the next few paragraphs, we are going to show you how being a woman – and thinking like a woman – can be a boon to business.

Step 1 Women often have a different way of doing things, and a different way of thinking, than men

The experiences of women in the world differ from those of men; we all know that. In light of the fact that we are all different, it just makes sense to recognize that women are going to approach things in a way different from the ways of men. As a woman, ask yourself how you like to be treated by the proprietor of a business; also, ask yourself what are some things that service people or businesses do, or fail to do, that cause you frustration as a woman? If you can use the experiences of women to your advantage, you can find a new niche market that can attract new clientele – and also attract a new type of employee tired of old practices.

Step 2 Creating a family atmosphere is a powerful weapon in making a business work

We like to think of women as being more empathetic than men; some might argue that is both unfair to men and untrue – but it is certainly true that women tend to work collaboratively and cooperatively and that they like the group aspects of doing business in a way that men, more socialized to work as individuals, do not. There is really nothing wrong with a female entrepreneur running her business as if it is a family in which everyone works together for the common good; far from being a sign of weakness, replacing a competitive workplace with a cooperative, collaborative workplace can lead to greater trust, greater harmony, and to a greater understanding of how different people in the organization work.

Step 3 Women are seen as nurturers – and that is not a bad thing

Have you ever noticed that many people, especially men, are more willing to bare their soul or concede things to a woman than to a man? If they trust the woman, they will share more simply because they trust women as nurturers and even perceive them as matronly figures; our society expects women to be caring and empathetic, and this can be a powerful tool for a female entrepreneur just trying to get her business off the ground. The reason why it matters is because a woman who is not afraid to be generous and receptive can give people the reason they need to come forward with revelations about work-related problems or with concerns they might have about workplace dynamics; if a woman is open, generous and kind, she can make the sharing of information and concerns amongst her staff so much easier.

At the end of the day, being a woman does not have to be source of shame; it can, in fact, be a source of strength for a female entrepreneur because it can give her a new vision and can inspire trust and loyalty in those upon whom she depends for her business success.

Roger Due

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