Women Entrepreneurs – Why partnering up with men is not a bad idea

Written By Steps To Faculty Published July 8th, 2010

Sometimes, women entrepreneurs are reluctant to partner up with male colleagues because they fear being dominated or fear having a conflict-ridden relationship with a male partner. Yet, men can be useful, effective partners for female entrepreneurs because, truth be told, men and women have complementary skill-sets that can allow both to flourish and men and women can easily reach out to different groups in different ways. Below, we will explain the benefits of partnering up with men.

Step one Men see things from the perspective of a man

We mentioned earlier than women and men see the world in rather different ways – and that is not a bad thing. Given what we have mentioned at various times, we can all agree that women and men can work effectively with one another because each side brings a different perspective that can be used to tap into a different demographic. If you want to expand your business at some point, you are going to have to learn how to reach out to people who are different than yourself – and that is where a male partner can be very useful.

Step 2 Men have different networks upon which they can draw

We mostly don’t like to admit it, but men and women generally like to hang around people of their own sex; female professionals value the company of other female professionals and men are the same way. When you partner with a man, you are partnering with someone who has entrée into a “boy’s club” that might offer you new expertise, new competencies and new friendships that can strengthen the business; at the very least, you increase the circle of contacts upon which any business relies.

Step 3 Men can deal with difficult men

It is less common today, but there are still some men who dislike the idea of a woman in a position of power – no matter how smart or competent she may prove to be. Clients can occasionally be the same way, of course, and there are people who will value the input of a woman less than the input of a man simply because a woman offered it. In those situations, it is sometimes good to just have a male colleague around to deal with such people because he is more likely to reason with them productively.

For a lot of women, having a male partner can be scary thing – but this is the wrong way of looking at things. If you want to have success, it never hurts to have a male partner around who knows new people, who can deal with difficult people, and who has intimate networks that can yield fantastic results. When men and women work together in start-up enterprises, they can be a powerful tandem, indeed.

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