What are the most important things to keep in mind when proceeding with content syndication?

Written By Steps To Faculty Published July 12th, 2010

Making information on your site available to others is a good way of highlighting your site and can even be a lucrative process. However, as with anything else, there are steps which must always be followed. Below are three steps (you can also call them considerations) that must always be followed when engaging in this sometimes under-valued activity. They are not the only things you should do, but they are definitely things that can allow you to maximize the advantages that emerge from content syndication.

Step 1 Never forget about the people who post information on your site

If you are going to go the syndication route, then try to remember the writers who have given you this opportunity; they need to be paid, too, and the best of them may have ambitions of getting their work more widely-known. As a rule, try to work out a competitive payment package for ‘regular’ writers (you can use your own criteria for determining ‘regular’ writers) and never forget that money is a great incentive for a writer to produce quality work in a timely fashion.

Step 2 Always have everything in writing

Whether its writers or another site receiving your syndicated content, make sure that formal guidelines are in place; have them written on your site, have them communicated by writing in email, and have them included in the form of syndication contracts. When everything is in writing, it is amazing how many problems can be easily avoided.

Step 3 Know the websites with which you are dealing when it comes to distributing syndicated material

You would never want a website containing unethical or inappropriate content featuring content derived from your site; it could easily sully you reputation. As much as possible, exercise a tight control over which sites get your content – and doing some background research is never a bad idea and usually a great idea.

Content syndication has the potential to be a money generator and a way of growing your online presence. However, you must always keep certain things in mind – and the three considerations listed above might be the most important of all.

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