Steps to ensuring your real estate is “green”

Written By Steps To Faculty Published July 15th, 2010

The recent movement towards grewen real estate has taken the industry by storm. Never has there been such demand for green buildings and homes. But, what does this mean? What are the governing bodies that determine how properties and commercial buildings are green and what materials to use to conform to these new standards? These are some of the questions many sellers and consumers of real estate are now asking as the federal governemnt has shelled out millions of dollars to standardize green real estate. Find out how you can be a part of this phenomenal movement.

Step 1 Go to the source

There are several governing bodies that have studied the ipact of green homes. Each council had determined that green real estate tends to be more energy efficient, longer-lasting, and is healthier and more comfortable than traditional property structures. As a result these bodies, some of then established by the federal government, are the first place to go when you want to understand about green realestate. These bodies include the U.S. Green Building Council (, Residential Energy Services Network – Energy Auditors (, The American Institute of Architects – LEED AP Architects (, and the American Society of Interior Designers

Step 2 Get an incentive to get green real estate

did you know there are tax credit and incentives that you can receive from the federal government and state and local officials just for trying to make your property or real estate green? Check out Federal Tax Credits for Energy Efficiency ( and also funding opportunities for National, State, & Local Programs at

Step 3 Confirm your builder and realtor follows LEED standards and is a green professional

If you are seeking to either purchase, sell, or build gren real estate you may want to be sure that your realtor or builder understands the LEED standards for green housing and commercial property. Check it out at

You can also find out if they are green professionals who are certified in green real estate by visiting the National Association of Home Builders – Certified Green Professionals (CGP) at

Step 4 Install an attic fan or ceiling fan

One of the quickest ways to show that your building or home follows green stadards is to install a ceiling or attic fan. An attic fan is a fan placed on the roof and is connect to a thermostat to function on its own. The attic fan then generates air-flow through the attic of the property and can lower room temperature by at least twelve degrees Farenheit, keep shingles cooler during the summer months and warmer during the winter months-lengthening the life of your roof, and cut your HVAC bill by one-third. A ceiling fan also works in the same manner.

Step 5 Upgrade your structure

If your real estate still has wooden framing, you may want to consider upgrading to modern green construction material. This material includes concrete that involves using insulated concrete form material (also known as icf). This reduces the amount of thermal barrier riffs in the home to keep it insulated. This method is much cheaper than you think since by using it can keep construction costs low. You can also inquire about optimum value engineered housing, which involves less framing materials and improves the efficient use of energy.

Remember, green real estate is going to be in the future and most properties will be converted to this new sustainable form. Please visit for more great business advice.

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