Steps to Organizations Offering Funding for Women Entrepreneurs

Written By Steps To Faculty Published July 15th, 2010

There are several organizations that are able to support the needs of independent women who want to create their own ways of living for the possibility of surviving the competitive world of business. Some of these independent organizations are as follows:

Step 1 Go West

Portland Women’s Foundation :
This organization is located at the Metropolitan Portland Oregon which provides women the right chance to find the most comprehensive way of living that they and their family’s deserve. It is the aim of the organization to give the women a sense of self-satisfaction that provides the most effective sense of developing their lives to the fullest.

Step 2 Step into business

Chamber’s Family Fund:
This organization provides the right kind of support to women and their family’s as they try to make their own ways of considering business as part of their progress. Through giving them the chance to get the right education and funding the capital of their proposed business, this funding system empowers women to become the best that they could be for themselves and for their families.

Step 3 Prepare a business plan for funds
Provides grants to the women who have specific business plans and are ready to establish their business presence. THe organization works with you from inception to completion to make sure your business will succeed as part of the grant giving process.

Step 4 Get confidence after strife

Valentine Foundation:
Within the 25 years of the organization’s operation, it has promised to provide women the best source of financial confidence that they are in need of to start anew especially if they have been victims of divorce and/or domestic issues that pushes them to become highly independent for the sake of their families.

Step 5 Transform your life

Women’s Fund:
This organization gives women a chance to transform their lives. With a competent MBA staff, this group does not only give financial support, it also gives moral and intellectual assistance for the women to be competent enough to handle their responsibilities as mothers and wives.

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