Steps to upgrading your corporate social responsibility program to meet current demands

Written By Steps To Faculty Published July 15th, 2010

Recent federal regulations imposed on Wall Street, the banking industry, and other corporations that serve the public have forever impacted the social responsibility policies of most organizations. Even charities and non profit organizations must follow-up on these new regulations. Given the current trend towards corporate respnsibility to the public and to social welfare, your business or corporation may need to update your corporate social responsibility policies to meet the new era of regulation. Here is a look at how you can update your policy and develop a cohesive plan for all employees in your firm to follow.

Step 1 Review your current social responsibility plan

Before you can make any changes to an existing plan, you first need to determine what it covers. Are any of the ethical issues covered in your current plan supportive of the new regulations that hear of in the news. For example, do all of your accountants adhere to the strict guidelines of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act? Do they use standard accounting reporting tools for financial statements such as XBRL Gl? Do employees have a moral sense of why your existing policy is in place? You need to answer these questions before proceeding.

Step 2 Survey everyone

To get a sense of the current ethical standards and moral position of your staff, survey everyone using a questionaire from and to determine who still adheres to high ethical standards and understands the importanca of yuor corporate reputation in the eyes of the public. Hold a meeting an ask each employee to imput their opinion on the subject. even require them to complete a random and anonymous questionaire. This way you know how everyone really feels and thinks.

Step 3 Rewrite

Make the needed changes in the existing policy that includes the current federal policies, available at (Federal Trade Commission for banking issues) and (Environmental Protection Agency for environmental standards). Also, begin a quarterly review process found at to begin measuring the effectiveness of the new social responsibility policy.

Step 4 Reach the masses

Once your policy is intact, let your customers and the public know of your commitment to social responsibility. Get involved in community activities that support your new mission.

Step 5 Check the effectiveness of the policy

Do a market survey on the public’s reaction to your new thrust and also check internally to see how employees are adhering to the new social responsibility policy.

Remember, you have to do what you say you will in order to sustain the public’s admiration of your corporate social responsibility policy. Please visit for more great business advice.

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