Steps to an effective E-mail Internet Marketing Campaign

Written By Steps To Faculty Published July 21st, 2010

E-mail represents the ultimate in communication techniques, and internet marketing through e-mail is exploiting an opportunity to reach out to millions in matter of few clicks. E-mail marketing is basically a target marketing strategy. Unlike customary marketing, the process of e-mail internet marketing campaign is a well defined process providing customers an opportunity to seek products and services at the convenience of their homes or office environments. Take a look.

Step 1 Give out only useful information

The first rule of e-mail internet marketing campaign is that only selective and reasonable information about the products and/or services should be dispatched to targeted customers. Targeted audiences do not waste their valuable time in viewing trash and/ or lengthy information. Reasonable information encourage new customers, but also have potential to keep intact the interests of the present customers.

Step 2 Use data banks

Build your mailing list with the help of information from the data banks of trade shows, art exhibitions, and other annual/periodic cultural happenings in order to impact the targeted market.

Step 3 Be on time

The promotional e-mails should be timely in order to be effective. Do not send an email for a product that has expired or that you know will not be available for six months down the road. Your customers have short attention spans and are very busy. The email should contain product information that is current and available.

Step 4 Offer specials

Offer tempting discounts and upgrade products and services coinciding holidays or events; like products for use by junior students be introduced near to completion of school holidays.

Step 5 Be creative

Use designer emails, if your finances allow for that. Go to to get some templates that have been proven effective and can get the attention of potential customers. Also use tightly written copy with graphic templates but ignore repetitions.Try integrating email designs with that of the website.

Review the statistics of read counts and click through. Plan future campaign using the results of assessment of read counts and click through. Periodic pruning of data base is highly recommended. Please visit for more great business advice.

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