Steps to preventing wild weather from ruining your business

Written By Steps To Faculty Published July 21st, 2010

Have you noticed that the weather affects everything. From baseball games to indoor activities, nearly all human actvities these days revolves around the weather. Whether it be the summer heat, bitter and snowy winter days, or even the recent wave of earthquakes and floods around the globe, the consequences of wild weather can be devastating. It even can affect your business depending upon the type of business and the products offered. But the weather can also have other implications on your business. Here’s how you can evaluate these consequences and protect your business.

Step 1 Check the current weather conditions

Regardless of the time of year, you should begin setting up a plan to check the weather conditions year round. Visit the for up-to-date weather conditions at your zip code and even in other parts of the country.

Step 2 Get advice

No matter what type of business you have, you may still want to invest in a consultant who can help you determine the best course of action to take. This is especially true if your business depends upon the weather for your success. These areas include agriculture, travel, public works, and outdoor leisure (i.e., ski resorts). Visit to get great advice on weather dependent industries and how to handle the weather and your business.

Step 3 Plan ahead

If you know for example, that there will be heavy rains in your area, you need to plan that not many customers will visit your store and have a financial contingencies to pay staff and meet overhead expenses. In like manner, if you are a web based operation, you can expect sales to soar during bad weather. Advertise heavily when you know that a severe snow storm will hit or if flooding conditions may occur.

Step 4 Consider insurance

Insurance may not seem like a good idea, but there are still some reputable insurers, such as Mutual of Omaha and Farmers Insurance, that will pay for damages if bad weather causes losses in your business. THe premiums can be reasonable and the coverage great if you should have the misfortune of being forced to make a claim. For example, if a drought wipes out part of your crops, the loss can devastate or dissolve the business. Protect yourself.

Step 5 Anticipate realities

Yuo may well be aware that if crops and other industries are damaged by tornadoes, droughts, and even floods, then the cost of food and other staples will increase. Did you also know that you raw material costs will also rise? Supplies tend to be in short demand as parts of the country have to recover from weather damage. As a result, raw material prices rise. You should consider this during each season fo the year and also think of the location of each of your suppliers. If they are located in zones that have extreme weather, then you need to plan that some times of the year your overhead will be higher than others.

Rmember, you cannot escape Mother Nature. Please visit for more great business advice.

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