Steps to the Best Investment Banks in the World (for your business)

Written By Steps To Faculty Published July 21st, 2010

Investment banking, which involves the financial institution’s methods for raising capital , both in terms of equity and debt, for a business, is a common way thqt small and large firms obtain funding to keep their operations afloat or expand. YOu may have to work with an investment bank at some point while running your business as this is the only means to raise over a million in capital within a one month span of time. In many instances, investment banks also provide supplemental funding for business expansion into global markets. If you want to seek the guidance of an investment bank there are different criteria that you need to look at. These factors include the amount and size of business deals for both small and large firms, the market share of the investment bank, the type of service and advise provided, the capacity to help structure a business, ability to maneuver different market conditions, the innovative spirit, market share and performance, reputation, and the principal underwriters. To save you time, we have compiled a list of the best investment banks in the world for all types of business. Take a look.

Step 1 Focus on Citigroup

Despite recent financial woes and the government takeover last year, Citi, part of Cititgroup, is still the world leader for investment banking. As the best equity investment bank according to Financial Advisor magazine, large firms can benefit from a global presense. Citi is just that investment bank. Investigate the company at

Step 2 Think of J.P. Morgan

The name says it all. The second largest investment bank in the world can take your business to new heights. No matter what industry you are in or what size your firm is, J.P. Morgan can set you on the path of success. Take a look at

Step 3 Try Morgan Stanley

As a leader in global investment banking, you cannot go wrong with Morgan Stanley. The investment bank has a solid reputation for getting small business, in particular, up and running and expanding across the globe within a two year time period. Go to

Step 4 Get funding through Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Do you want to work with the most creative investment bank around? Look no further than Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Deemed the most creative investment bank by Financial Magazine,you will not only get funding through this financial powerhouse, but will get useful ways to expand your business. Given the creative professionals within the investment bank, your company will soar faster and further than you ever thought possible. Visit today.

Step 5 Consider Barclay’s

Is your business part of the healthcare industry? If so, then Barclay’s investment banking is the leader in healthcare business funding. Of course, the top investment bank considers all business types and provides solid return on each one. Look at their track record at

Try one of these investment banks and take your business where you dream it should be. Please visit for more great business advice.

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