Steps to the top 5 business areas for budding women entrepreneurs

Written By Steps To Faculty Published July 21st, 2010

Are you a budding business lady looking for some ways to set up a business. Despite the current economic woes, there are still many creative ways to establish a profitable and long lasting enterprise. The following are the top industries to enter as they hold opportunities for you for the next ten years. Here’s how.

Step 1 Promote your products by paying your customers

These days, cash is limited and your customers do not want to spend if they do not have to. What are you to do? Prmote your products through businesses that pay customers. Word of mouth marketing is one of the best sources of marketing there is. Establish a business that capitalizes on this. is an example, but only focuses on the tween market. Customers get paid when they promote your product (or another’s goods) and actually generate a new customer based on their recommendation to their networks. To date, this has proven effective for many small business owners who are unable to afford pricey marketing campaigns, but need to get the word out about their business. Take a look at as an example also.

Step 2 Join the rotating retail revolution

Pop up retail is still solid in most retail circles, but the latest trend that is here to stay is rotating retail. Think of the Halloween stores that are around from late summer until November 1. The basic concept of rotating retail is that a permanent store is available for products that are around for a limited time. This includes having the store match the design and concept of the product or services being sold. This promises to be a new wave of retail that serves specific customer needs at certain times of the year. As mentioned, Halloween costumes do not need to be sold in March, only around October 31.

Step 3 Offer samples

Given the shakiness of the economy, consumers are not yet ready to leave their former spending habits to try new products. In some cases, as consumers cut back on spending, many products are losing their foothold in the marketplace. You can stop gap this trend. Go to and join other business that will help you offer samples of products through sampling cafes or even vending machines. Go to retail centers and offer free samples of products. When customers try a product and determine that they can use it, you will help businesses gain a loyal following and also make a tidy profit for yourself.

Step 4 Distribute

Healthcare is a mainstream industry that is growing rapidly. As the population ages, the need for medical devices tro be readily available increases. While thre are some infomercials that offer products, many still like to see what they are purchasing before committing to a product. You can enter this market by becoming a distributor of medical devices and products.

Step 5 Be discreet

Nearly all countries have agreed that alternative energy and energy sources must be developed to reduce oil dependency. However, homeowners are often hesitant to embark on solar panel installation and wind turbine erection due to the cost and the detraction from the aesthetics of their property. This is where you can help. Consider designing solar panels that look like roof tiles or shingles that belnd in. Or wind turbines that seem to vanish at the apex of the roof slope. These ideas and plenty of others relating to energy are available along with help to establish a business that executes them at

Remember, success is around the corner once you visit the above mentioned sites. Please visit for more great business advice.

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