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Written By Steps To Faculty Published July 21st, 2010

Often times, science creates business and business generates the need for scientific research. As a means to jumpstart a flagging economy, governments frequently turn to science to see what new breakthroughs can help boost business. Take a look at the recent breakthroughs in science and how they can impact your business in the coming years.

Step 1 Go green

Two artificial enzymes have been developed in the University of Washington. These artificial enzymes are supposed to ‘green up’ the production of a range of products including plastics, drugs, and textiles. This breakthrough will be used for flue fighting drugs, aids vaccine, and microbes that absorb greenhouse gases.

Step 2 Protect your network

An integrated Distributed Denial of Services (DDoS) mitigation solution has been developed by RioRey Inc based in Bethesda, Maryland. The solution removes attack traffic at edge of network. The combination of DDoS solutions and hardware integration will provide hardware users a cost effective solution against rising DDoS attacks.

Step 3 Test your chemicals

A new measurement tool called nanoIR has been developed by Anasys Instruments. The nanoIR will be able to reveal the chemical composition of samples at nano scale. This breakthrough will overcome two major barriers in atomic force microspectroscopy, namely limited fundamental spatial resolutions in the conventional infrared mocrospectroscopy, and limitation of chemical characterization in atomic force microscopy.

Step 4 Prevent overheating

Graftech International has developed ultrathin and flexible graphite. This graphite keeps computer chips away from overheating. This is a form of purified carbon that can dissipate heat up and control the functioning of furnaces up to 5500 degrees. Its high tech thinness has ability to absorb heat better than any metal.

Step 5 Speed up time for stopping the spread of infectious disease

ZyGem Corporation ltd has brought up a Microbial Fingerprinting technology that dramatically reduces the time needed for the identification of unknown infectious agents in population of mixed samples. Current testing methods require many days to find out the results. This breakthrough will not save only time but also be less costly in operations.

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