Video conferencing for the internet age

Written By Steps To Faculty Published July 26th, 2010

We hear all the time about video conferencing and about how it saves time and money; however, we do not hear nearly so much about what applications are available out there that really help people get ahead. Over the next few paragraphs, we are going to offer a few simple explanations for why Dim-Dim is the best application extant for online video conferencing. If you are looking for a fast and easy way to connect to the people that matter most (at least the people who matter the most professionally) then video conferencing with Dim-Dim is the only way to go.

Step 1: Explanation 1 It’s easy to use

Dim Dim has a very simple user interface and this allows you to quickly make the adjustments you want without becoming bogged down in limitless details. As if that is not enough, meeting hosts do not have to install anything with Dim-Dim – this is the case even when broadcast audio or video is required. All you really need is a MyScreen plug-in – and that is only necessary if you want to share your desktop. The key thing to bear in mind is that, if you can browse a web page, you can collaborate using Dim-Dim.

Step 2: Explanation 2 Fast access to current events

With Dim-Dim, it is actually quite easy to join into a web event because that is really required is a simple click of a URL and you are immersed in a web meeting in 8 seconds or less. MyScreen can also be used to share your screen immediately and this eliminates the need to schedule a meeting or to send invitations. If you can IM or phone or use Skype/Tweet, then you have a smart URL that works around your schedule.

Step 3: Explanation 3 It is possible to see and hear everything

With the Dim-Dim technology now available, one can see the presenter’s live video and desktop while hearing multiple Voices over IP (VoIP, in other words). For the larger meetings that do become unavoidable, the Dim-Dim application has a teleconference feature. Last of all, anyone who is at the meeting can actually send instant messages or make annotations on a white board; full participation is basically guaranteed.

Believe it or not, the purpose here is not to shill for Dim-Dim as much as it is to alert people to an exciting new online application that many of us simply know nothing about; if we actually take the time to review the latest technology, it becomes manifest that here is a fast and effective way of staying in touch with people who are far removed from us but whose presence we may constantly need and feel.

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