What skills do you need to be an investment banker?

Written By Steps To Faculty Published July 26th, 2010

Not everyone is cut out for life as a business owner; however, such people may still have an entrepreneurial bent and may want to test the waters in a tough, challenging field that brings out the best in them. With that in mind, here is an article directed to investment banking – a field of endeavor that is much-maligned but that is a profession that serves the value social utility of directing money to companies to great ideas that help all of us in the end.

Step 1: Ability to analyze

Investment banking is all about finding out about trends – and discerning them before anyone else can. At the same time, investment banking is all about taking those trends, extrapolating them out several months or years, and coming up with solutions to the challenges they pose to a client or to a business. If you lack these skills, you can forget about being an investment banker.

Step 2: Creativity

This is a rather vague concept within the context of investment banking because anything can be conceived of as “creative” if it makes money. But, basically, creativity in the business means being able to think outside accepted paradigms in order to come up with investment solutions when it appears as though everything is at a dead-end. People who have the ability to invert accepted structures and a willingness to look at change are invariably going to be creative people because they are unorthodox; as long as you have making money and sound investments as your chief objective, thinking outside the box is always going to be tolerated.

Step 3: Steadfastness

Hey, it’s a tough business; a lot of promising young people come to Wall Street and find the stress and long hours more than they can bear. It is a mug’s game and you need to endure long hours, heavy workloads, sudden changes in fortune, and demanding clients; if you can endure all of that, then you have a career in investment banking ahead of you (and it does get easier as you get better and more experienced – and as you climb the corporate hierarchy).

At the end of the day, investment banking is there for people who want an exciting career with immense upward potential – but who do not want to be placed in charge of their own business. If money is something you love and you have the skills noted above, then investment banking is a definite career option you would be foolish to overlook.

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