Steps to begin building your dream house

Written By Steps To Faculty Published July 28th, 2010

If you want to build a home, you must use the best options available to every homebuilder. There are legal steps, labor related steps, construction materials steps, technical electrical and local authority steps as well as work program project construction step and finally financing and actual building labor force as home building involves an entire logical scientific process. The steps are as follows:

Step 1 Decide on the location of your new home

Decide the place where you want to build your home. Is this near your old parents and their grand parents which means you will not decide outside their approval? On the other hand, it is in another continent. Alternatively, is it in another city do you like the area where you live or would you choose a different place under the sun to live in? Will you be near the city or outside the suburbs? What do you see your retirement desires a cool evening sun with natural surrounding of birds chirping on trees, as you grow older and older? Do you want to be near a river, a mountains, a national park, a cemetery, a church a schools or an army barracks or near a border to another country or even near by the sea. In some cases, you will need to think of your parents and grand parents. The roots where your parents brought you up and decide whether you need to live in the same geographical locations or move to new areas.You need to answer these questions first.

Step 2 Tour

Do a pilot plan and tour the area and select the place according to your needs.

Step 3 Investigate the chance of natural disasters

The third next step is to investigate whether the location is in a sea plains or geographical fault lines which will one day bring the threat of earthquakes, rip currents, waves from the sea, or dangerous hurricanes to your home.

Step 4 Analyze financing and building Contractors terms

The fifth step is to do a home plan as well as contingency planning of the project on the selected land as well as the constructions costs and how to fianc├ę the constructions either by savings or bank financing through a mortgage. Once these factors put into consideration is in line with legal implications and bylaws of the government regulations as well as land rates and lease periods that must be freehold title deed terms then the actual construction should begins immediately .

Step 5 Follow up on legalities

Finally, you must always remember to countercheck the legal Issues pertaining to the government regulations. The selection of contractors building contract and your own supervision on terms of payments as well as the financing arrangement will then be your most involving details of your home.

You can either get a contractor or get the supplies and start building. Your home is your castle. Please visit for more great business advice.

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