Steps to branding yourself or your product

Written By Steps To Faculty Published July 28th, 2010

Branding is a necessary action to take if you are going to survive in a saturated global marketplace. If the public does not have an identifier for you, then how will you stand out among thousands of similar names, faces, goods, and services. Branding is part of the “what makes you unique” campaign, which has become the fulcrum for all of marketing and of business in the 21st century. but what steps do you take to engage in the process of branding? Here’s how.

Step 1 Convey a clear message

Whether you are branding yourself or your product or your company, you need to send a clear message to the public about your entity and what it represents. For example, when you think of WalMart, what do you think? A cost cutting price leader. How about John Deere? You think of long lasting and durable farm and industrial equipment. The list can go on, but I think you get the idea. You need to have a clear message about yourself, product, or firm and what the public should believe when they hear it.

Step 2 Use graphic design

Nearly all businesses or products that stick in your mind have another thing in common. Each has a specific logo or graphic that separates them from others. If you cannot afford to hire a graphic artist to help you design a logo, try Full Sail University and rewquest a faculty or student help you. The fees are much cheaper than a regular professional and you will get the latest design. If not Full Sail, then consider your nearby community college arts department.

Step 3 Join is an excellent site with tools that will allow you to promote your brand image to millions through the Internet. You can also track feedback and responses about yourself, product, or company through their portal.

Step 4 Get out there

Once you have decided on your image and message, spread it around to the masses. Join sites such as Ziggs, Naymz, Ziki, ClaimID, and Zoominfo to get even more coverage. These sites will help you get a higher placement when there is a Google search done on your brand. You should also establish a Google account and go to to set up a free blog about yourself or firm. Be creative if you are using offline methods. rather than a standard print message through a flyer, consider using an everyday item that people use, such as a hanger or a pen.

Step 5 Be consistent

Whether you get your message and brand online or offline, you should be consistent with your message. You cannot have one message online and another offline. Also, no matter how much negative commentary about your message you receive, stick to it. You cannot go back once your message is out in public. Inconsistencies lead to lost sales as people will not rust your brand.

Remember, your reputation is on the line if you do not maintain a consistent brand image. Please visit for more great business advice.

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