Steps to create the best elevator speech

Written By Steps To Faculty Published July 28th, 2010

The elevator speech is often a difficult one. Geting the attention of others while their minds are distracted takes some skill and a very good well-trained voice that can influence others in a relatively short amount of time (10 minutes). If you are charged with the task of creating an elevator speech, do not panic. There is a simple way to polish up your skill in this area and give an excellent elevator speech. Take a look.

Step 1. Be heard

Your image and voice must be seen and felt. To be powerful and full of confidence in terms of context and depth of knowledge of the subject thus influence responses. The Power of influence normally starts from the non-verbal symbols and imagery from tone of the voice to the audience thus making the meaning of messages clear. The voice should not be a trailing tone but a full voice with emotion.

Step 2. Arouse immediate attention

Use the decisive factors like of suspense and use a hooker technique to begin the speech. The attention span of humans has been measured to be between 30 seconds to one minute. That is all you have to create an image that is appealing to the audience. After this period, the human mind always wanders away from the speaker. It is this time to keep the audience alert to your message and add more content as well as context depending on the agenda of your speech.

Step 3. Give the PowerPoint catchword

In the first keynote point, state a message in one sentence and then support it with two sentences. Be sure you are concise.

Step 4. Create a short story line with use of visual imagery

In addition, engage the audience by questions suspense on key expectations for memorable discussions. Create a challenge for the audience and an answer reflective of your solutions or lack of answers to difficulties to key issues of convert to audience.

Step 5. End the speech with suspense

This involve invitation to the audience to participate actively by active listening skills and audience involvement skills in form of a dialogue stance and end your speech with a cliff hanger or a phrase that they will never forget. For example, if you state guess how much of his life savings to Tom when he did not invest in this stock fund. This has more of an impact if you are giving a speech about investments than the phrase Tom decided to invest elsewhere and lost 2% of his money.

Remember, great speeches always energize the audience. Please visit for more great business advice.

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