Steps to determining the best way to maximize a college degree

Written By Steps To Faculty Published July 28th, 2010

The recent economic downturn has many wondering how to maximize the value of a college degree. If you wonder how can it help you in the future, the read on.

Step 1 Online or offline

There has been great debate about whether an online degree has equal or more value than a degree from a regular brick and mortar college or university. According to the National Education Association (NEA), in the last two years there has been a 20% increase in the number of students enrolling in an online class. Although manty employers view any degree as favorable, be sure to take online classes that are offered through a brick and mortar school to valid the course legitimacy. Recent legislation that will take effect at the beginning of 2011 has changed the value of strictly online degrees and notes that most of them are not valuable despite their claims. hence, consider getting a degree from the University of Nebraska extension or the University of Texas. For lower costs schools consider Western New Mexico university. There are many online classes you can also take at community colleges and most four year schools.

Step 2 Pick a major

As states slash university budgets and fewer departments exist within schools, consider the value of a major. Why are states slashing the budgets of schools and the schools in turn shutting down certain departments? Because the major(s) offered from that department are no longer applicable or there is little enrollment. English, Math, Language, and evem Computer Science departments are getting closed at schools across the nation. Currently, the most popular major is business and with good reason. Business is directly applicable to nearly all facets of life as there is a business of some kind in every industry.

Communicatons/Writing is second as we as humans need to communicate. Pick areas that will be there years to come and cannot be replaced with technology. For example, agriculture will alwaysd exist because human must eat food to survive. In like manner, water must always be tested because humans cannot function without water.

Step 3 Think ahead

Where do you want to be five years from now? Do you want to own your oown business or be the head of a company? Even though it is difficult to determine what we want to be in the future given lack of jobs and the elimination of industries, research the possibilities of what may be.

Step 4 Transfer yourself

You need to be able to have a college degree that can be used in most industries. By doing so, you can easily be employable and may only require specific on the job training.

Step 5 Evaluate the alternative

Do you believe you would be better off investing in a franchise or ETF? consider the reality. If you have not embarked on college yet, you may consider this alternative. YOu can also get a two year degree in graphic design, radiology, or nuclear medicine, and then invest the rest of the money that you would use for a four year degree. Review the market and look around your area. Are businesses locking up? If so, then go to school. If not, consider the alternative.

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