Steps to Select the Best Foreign Investment Bank

Written By Steps To Faculty Published July 28th, 2010

There several criteria are on how to select the best foreign investment banks. Many industry experts, will always have an idea if the best way to select the best foreign investment banks sometimes this can be in a series of used a series of complex standards involving the size of the bank, the geographical spread of its operations, its services, its market share, and the number of clients. Also considered, is the number of staff members or empoyees, business volume, and deals by the bank in terms of levels of investment by its clients. This gives an idea of its client bases the popularity of its service and consumer advice, the organizational structuring and capacity as well capabilities. It will reflect on the network distribution of its methods of operations. A good investment bank must also show through example how its top management’s executives spend their efforts in order of addressing concerns of clients as well as competitors share and marketing factors and conditions.

Some corporate measures tend to focus on innovation, level and kinds of pricing regimes for listed companies we will consider share performance and risk management of client portfolios and maket reputation. The immediate performance as well as long term prospects of profitability are also taken into account. From these underlying factors, here are five steps to select the best foreign investment bank.

Step 1 Look at market share

The best investment bank is like to attract many costumiers and therefore attract the best in the market, for example J.P Morgan was the best investment bank in Japan for the last three years as a result of its market share.

Step 2 Check regulations

Depending on which country has headquarters, this reflects that the organization must be following reliable government regulations and therefore provides guaranteed levels of professionalism and competence of its major management. Some strict regulated financial sectors are countries are USA, UK Australia, Switzerland and Japan. These regulations show that they have some defects like the recent economic depression in USA, which has triggered a string of more regulations to protect investor’s finances.

Step 3 Confirm investment success by pertinences or existing clients

Clients with experience of doing business with the bank, they must have done business with the bank for more than three four years. If other client do not recommend them then it means its is nit giving good customer services in terms of portfolio diversity and alternative business success

Step 4 Select based on reliability of trading platforms

Today’s investments rely more on reliable platforms for example java applications, which are Internet based, are user friendly.

Step 5 Examine market capitalization

This refection is on the company’s ability to stay solvent due to minimum regulatory requirements. In addition, these are to publish officially for consumers to study the banks performance in every quarter’s results for industry trends analysis the level of liquidity and hence stability of client portfolios in term is of competitive deals

Remember, the level of risk management in alternative investment opportunities across countries, ands the countries apolitical stability in which the bank operates may affect future as well as give it other alternative investments in case of instability in some countries it can easily diversify to others. Hence, not subject to common inflation effects as there is diversity of investments across the globe hence the lager the spread the better for the investors. Please visit for more great business advice.

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