Steps to the best Biotechnology firms in the USA

Written By Steps To Faculty Published July 28th, 2010

These are defined as the firms that use biological technology in research and produce digenetic modified medical as well as chemical biological; formulas for treatment of diseases. They also undertake projects in plant engineering for medical research as well as research in food production and pest control for human plant and animal diseases and pest control. There are many biotechnology firms in the USA the five best include Amgen Inc…

Step 1. Lead biotech with Amgen Inc.

Amgen, which was founded in 1980, is headquartered in Thousand Oaks, California and has an operating budget exceeding 23 billion dollars and over 18,000 employees. Amgen is the leader in therapuetic development for bone diseases, metabolism, neurology, and oncology. As medicine will be vital in the coming years, Amgen is poised to lead the way.

Step 2. Battle cancer at Genzyme Biotechnology Corporation

It is the second best biotechnology firm in USA and has its head quarters in Massachusetts. It has a worldwide workforce of more than 12,000. It is the leader in molecular oncology (cancer) and biosurgery. Genzyme will continue to lead us as cures for cancer and improvements in surgery will be essential for healthy lives.

Step 3. Kill viruses at Gilead Sciences

Gilead Sciences is a young firm founded in 1987 with headquarters in California. It has approximately more than 3,000 employees worldwide Gilead specializes in the manufacture and research into antivirus treatments and drugs including HIV, hepatitis B a H1N1 virus and influenza and Tuberculosis related conditions of the chest infections.

Step 4. Go Biogenic Idec

Biogen Idec was founded in 2003 and has headquarters is Massachusetts. The firm specializes in drug manufacturing of drugs that aid the nervous system and also immunity enhancing drugs as well as neural disorders, autoimmune disorders and cancers. Biogenic, which is one of the oldest biotechnology companies, also specializes in diseases that are non-curable like cancer, multiple sclerosis, and arthritis rheumatisms research.

Step 5 Look into Cephalonia, Inc.

Located in Pennsylvania, Cephalonia is involved in the research of mental health and medical products and does work focused on diseases that affect neural degenerations. It is one of the fastest growing companies due to research innovations in the field of medicine.

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