Steps to keep a bridge capital loan from ruining your credit

Written By Steps To Faculty Published August 4th, 2010

Bridge capital loan is a short-term loan put in use for the time till a person or company has been able to secure enduring financing or removes debt. A bridge loan allows the customer for meeting current liabilities through provision of instant cash flow. The loans are short-term with comparatively high interest rates. As a result, if these loans are not handled properly you could end up ruining your credit while you wait for a long term finance arrangement. To be on the safe side, follow these steps to prevent bridge capital from ruining your credit.

Step 1 Pay on time or sooner

Make all the payment before the due date because it will enhance the goodwill of the business in the eye of customers and helps in future to obtain a loan.

Step 2 Establish Payment History

One you one time do businesses with a supplier it will create company’s creditworthiness. The company should make a purchase using your credit in order to create a solid payment track record.

Step 3 Add Trade References

If the company has suppliers that are not listed in the company’s record. The company can do this by utilizing DNB’s trade reference builder program. Due to this there is an improvement in the business credit score.

Step 4 Increase Credit Limits

Ask for credit limit increase with suppliers or creditors if you need that you have a good track record with the company. But keep in mind, you may have higher interest and shorter grace periods upfront.

Step 5 Establish a Reporting Bank Loan

If the company gets a reporting bank loan in the files of a company is priceless and can open more doors for the business. Sometime the creditors comprehend the scrutiny that banks impose on a company in order to get a loan.

Also to maximize the bridge capital loan, diversify your types of credit because it will enhance the credit worthiness of a business .There is a proper need to clearly mention the diversity of loan such as trade credit, revolving credit. Please visit for more great business advice.

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