Steps to social media trends and the impact on business

Written By Steps To Faculty Published August 4th, 2010

Doing business today requires having a Twitter account, a Facebook page, a LinkedIn profile, and even a blog so that you can engage in conversation with customers and you can learn about their tastes. The future of social media is predictable and at the same time unexpected. Take a look.

Step 1 Think smaller

One of the biggest social media trends is that of smaller networks. Instead of having thousands of followers on Twitter or friends on Facebook, many are becoming cognizant of the threats of identity theft and instead opting for smaller more focused groups on sites such as For example, a business owner that can guarantee sales to 4,000 people on will fare better than having 10,000 friends on Facebook with sales of only 500 units. More focused and group oriented networks will rein in the coming months and years.

Step 2 Build your brand

Already underway, social networking has enabled many business owners to build a strong er brand online. This trend will continue but will expand to include business networking also. Job applicants and business networking events will occur on social network domains, which will further increase customer relations, strong brand reputations, and the chance for business owners to form meaningful alliances.

Step 3 Be more specific

Ad dollars will be better spend given the latest trends in social media. Advertisers will now be able to customize search results and then focus their ads on specific demographics for a given good or service. More time sensitive ads will appear and advertisers will have a long lasting impact on how we buy and sell goods and how we learn about products. Business owners however will need to be specific about the feedback they receive so that they can cater their goods to meet the exact needs of the public and be able to filter out the noise from the search. Searches within social networks will make this possible.

Step 4 Go Mobile

The increase and popularity of smart phones has already began another trend within social media. Social networking will now be going mobile over the course of the next year or so. But pretty soon you will be able to Tweet your followers in a fifty mile radius. social networks will be available on portable devices, not just desktops.

Step 5 Look out for social entrepreneurs

Social networking has done more than just connect people. We are all exposed to the personal ideas and dreams of others. Smart entrepreneurs can see the trends after assessing the comments made on social media and thus will create businesses that meet the needs of social networkers. This action will generate the new era of business and will probably also change the way customer relations management (CRM) is performed. Solving problems is the new business, not just creating products people may or may not need.

Social networks have made the world smaller and business even more complicated. Please visit for more great business advice.

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