Steps to starting a business in college

Written By Steps To Faculty Published August 4th, 2010

Whether you are beginning college at home or online, you may be in need of some extra cash for books, supplies, or for classes. You may also want to start a business so that by graduation, you are set in your path. Despite your busy schedule of academic rigors, you can still find time to start a business on a shoestring budget. Take a look.

Step 1 Be creative

Sites such as can help you marketing your business if you have a flair for the arts and crafts. You can offer customized fashion that are tailored to meet each clients needs, or you can offer photos, and even handcrafted scarves and other knitwear. You can establish a web presence through their site and interact with other small business owners to gain tips on what are the top sellers.

Step 2 Lend a hand

Be a virtual assistant and offer high demand services. The virtual assistant industry, according to the National Association of Virtual Assistants, is exploding as business owners simply cannot afford to hire staff for project work. This is where a virtual assistant enters the picture. You can offer services from administrative to web development to management. Virtual assistants are paid handsomely as well.

Step 3 Write

In addition to article writing, did you know that many professors need writers to write their publications for them? You can offer your services to help write journal articles and make a good stream of income. Faculty will always have to publish or perish so this would be a good chance for you to earn money, get your name on papers, and get great references.

Step 4 Speak and Present

If you can chat, interview, do radio, or present consider a podcast business. Many busy executives and even teachers need podcasts made, but they do not have the time. This business will be long lasting (the technology won’t go away any time soon) and profitable. Be sure to have some technical skills and marketing savvy when engaging in a podcast business as much of your revenues will come from ad dollars.

Step 5 Innovate

Some of the greatest business around begin in college. For example, Michael Dell started his company in college. He thought of the idea for customized computers when some had asked him about it. Another great business idea came to a studious duo and lead to the formation of Movables. The two college freshmen realized that college students would like to rent furniture and other movable pieces for their dorm room. The business now generates $14 million per year. You can also create unique ideas that can fit the college lifestyle and profit.

Remember, time management is essential to handle a business and studies. Please visit for more great business advice.

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