Steps to surviving as women entreprenuers

Written By Steps To Faculty Published August 4th, 2010

Let’s face it. Being in business is nearly impossible nowadays. As a woman entrepreneur,
you may have experienced this sentiment. Marketing is not as effective as it used to be, people are buying less, and nearly every other person is an entrepreneur. How do you compete? find out here.

Step 1 Be persistent

Being a woman entrepreneur is not always about being unique. In fact some of the best known and most successful women entrepreneuers are not special at all when they began. Take for instance, Oprah. Yes she is the queen of daytime TV talk, but Phil Donahue and even Barbara Walters were the originators of daytime TV talk shows and its format. So what makes Oprah so special? In addition to good programming, she has been persistent. 25 years in the genre has helped her become singular and identifiable. If you recall, when she had competition from former hosts Ricki Lake and Montel Williams and even Sally Jesse Raphael she did not quit. She just developed different strategies and stayed the course. This is what you need to do also.

Step 2 Go with the flow

Like many women entrepreneurs, you may find it rough to gain any recognition upfront. It is only after years of persistence and dedication that you can really thrive. But you can add touches to your business or yourself (if you are the brand) that make you stand out while you go with the flow. For example, Dolly Parton was not very special upfront. She was like Loretta Lynn or the late Patsy Cline. But she not only emphasized her physical assets, but she also expanded over time into bluegrass, pop, even gospel and christian music. She went with the flow when one area of music was not doing well for her. To date she has over 3,000 songs to her credit is the leading Queen of Country music and an icon. Be adaptable and expand in your specific business area to keep your name out there.

Step 3 Add a touch of eccentricity

Think of Madonna and Lady Gaga. I know they are musicians who have risen to the top. But each one is an entrepreneur as musicians are businesspersons. They each have another thing in common other than blond hair. They each decided early on that to break in the business meant making a minor change or adding a touch to their acts. For example, Madonna needs no explanation of her style and dress from 1984 to now. Her eccentric ways speak from themselves. Lady Gaga is the Queen of Self Expression and as such is able to sell her music and break records simply by adding a touch of wildness to her ordinary routine (this is of course in addition to great electronica music). Be eccentric if possible. It can make all the difference in the world.

Step 4 Keep reality in mind when planning

Don’t overestimate or underestimate your company or yourself. Reality can change how you do business. For example, the recent global recession has forever changed the spending habits of consumers. You need to fit into these changes instead of worrying that your sales are down. Despite what you have read, these days you need to offer more variety to consumers to keep your business afloat. Don’t contract your business, expand it.

Step 5 Focus on what matters

People will not always like what you have to offer and that is okay. It is important though to focus on who does buy from you or likes your work. Turn them into regular customers by offering specials, treating them well, and even giving them free gifts every so often. This is what will make you and your business.

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