Steps to the top 5 business tools/resources for 2011

Written By Steps To Faculty Published August 4th, 2010

As an entrepreneur you need to find practical solutions to help you business run and at the same time keep your costs low. These are a few tools and resources that can help you achieve this end.

Step 1 Be cost efficient

To cut costs on telephone systems, try Ring Central ( The company offers a cost effective package that includes an 800 number, voice mail, fax, and the option of multiple phone lines to jump start your business on a shoestring. The even offer an answering service. The company has a unique software client that enables an special icon to appear on your desktop to indicate when a call is coming in and from who. You can also check messages, send faxes, and even make calls through the software client all for one low monthly price.

Step 2 Optimize your email marketing strategy

Do you want to manage your RSS feeds and have the ability to convert them into automated emails for your subscribers? If so, then consider getting Feedblitz ( The special service scans the RSS feeds from your blogs, determines any new information and sends these updates to all of your subscribers via Twitter, instant message, and email. Avoid the hassle of mass emails or creating a newsletter as the service lets you automate and then focus on your business, not the technology.

Step 3 Back up your systems

You need to back up your files every so often. But do often dread this task or skip it sometimes due to a busy schedule? If so, then look no further than Carbonite Pro Backup system. You can select the price as it is based on volume (for example 20GB – 49GB) and automatically back up all computers. Once the software agent is installed on your system it immediately begins backing up your files to a secure server. Although the initial backup is lengthy since it is a low priority job, subsequent backups are quick as they are automated.

Step 4 Create short and professional videos

Do you feel that your product or service can be represented by a short and professional video? If so, then you should invest in Camtasia ( By posting a how to video (say on You Tube) you can attract more new customers than through traditional marketing. Camtasia can help you capture your screen and even your Powerpoint presentation and then add video, and audio to show the details of the presentation. This is a great way to show how to assemble your products or show how they can be used for a relatively low price.

Step 5 outsource

Odesk is the entrepreneurs right hand tool. Essentially, Odesk is a web service that lets you outsource any job function from any location. This includes copy writing, wen development, and information technology. You get a list of providers to select from and you can even check their ratings based on prior customers experience. There is only a ten percent surcharge for the service, but Odesk lets you keep track of the work and manages the payroll on your behalf. You can’t do any better than this.

Nearly all of these tools are already available for you to use today. Please visit for more great business advice.

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  1. Eric Myers says:

    Good tips. Ive found these to ring true for my business. We have particularly been able to cut costs using a telephone answering service over the past few months. Not only has it been great at saving us money but it also has really improved efficiency. I also thing using an online marketing strategy to utilize social media and guerrilla marketing is a great way to keep your name out there for little to no cost.

Roger Due

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