Tips To Creating A Great Resume

Written By Steps To Faculty Published August 4th, 2010

The recent economic downturn has left many out of work. The bad news is that the job market across the globe is very tight and will continue to remain so for years to come. That means that many will have to compete for very few jobs and the jobs that are available are either low paying or temporary. If you fall into this category you will have to polish up your resume to remain competitive in the job hunting pool. But there are a few resume tips that can help you get noticed and get hired. Take a look.

Step 1 Use current terms

Often times, job hunters use terms that show they are not current in their field of study or industry experience. For example, if you are a web designer or technology specialist, using terms like cloud computing or Internet are appropriate and indicates that you are up to date in technology (at the time of this writing). On the other hand, using terms such as World Wide Web shows that you are a bit behind the times. Be sure to study terms in the field of study of the position you are applying to. Place some of the current verbiage on your resume when appropriate. By doing so, you will appear knowledgeable and up to date. These are traits that hiring managers love.

Step 2 Capture the attention of a human resource specialist

Nowadays most resumes are scanned and checked for keywords that match the description of the job that they are looking for. You need to be able to capture these keywords and use them in your resume based on your prior work experience. For example, instead of noting that you have experience in bookkeeping management, state that you were a manager of accounts receivable and payable accounts and was in charge of a staff of ten. Note that you are an expert in Peachtree and Quickbooks. Suppose the company you applied to had a need for someone with Peachtree experience, even though you applied for a job in customer service, the company may consider you for accounting.

Step 3 Visit

To get an example of what a solid resume should look like in your specific position, go to to find over 100 types of resumes for various job titles and job experience levels (i.e., entry, managerial, executive). By seeing what the standard resume actually looking like for an applicant applying for a teaching position (as an example) you can cater your resume accordingly also. You need to at minimum have a standard resume format for the specific position you are applying to be considered.

Step 4 List keywords under a heading called Skills at the top of the resume

Remember that employers scan your resume in 5 seconds or a computer reviews it in under 1 second. You need to have keywords that are specific to the job that you see advertised. Some of these key words need to be under your skills section as each directly relates to your experience. This will keep you resume in the consider pile and avoid ending up in the dumpster during the first cut.

Step 5 Find and solve potential problems

Smart job hunters realize that to have the ultimate competitive advantage, you need to get through the hiring manager’s head and cite potential problems within the desired company and show how you can resolve this on a resume, For example, if you are applying for an elementary teaching position, then you should anticipate that managing teachers or the principal will want a teacher that can handle disciplinary issues, identify special needs students and be able to work with them, and also be able to provide some level of counseling to students who have emotional problems. In similar fashion, accountants should expect to be able to interact with every department and understand the flow of accounts for all departments in a firm. Both positions involve an applicant being able to research unique problems and finding creative solutions to them.

Remember, you have to sell yourself and be a financial value to firms now. Please visit for more great business advice.

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