Mortgage? – Why Use An Amortization Calculator

Written By Steps To Faculty Published August 6th, 2010

An amortization calculator is a tool that you have the ability to take full advantage of for your mortgage purchase. This free tool to use will allow you to determine just what will happen when you sign on the dotted line and get the mortgage for your home. This tool allows you to see what your monthly mortgage payment will be and to determine if one lender is better for you than another. This calculator is very near to accurate; but remember that there will be a few things that cause the numbers to be a little off.

Step 1 – Why Use It?

The amortization calculator is excellent for determining how much of a home you can afford. If you are like most, you would love to own that huge mansion down that posh street. The problem is that very few people actually know how much of a home they can afford to own. This tool can be an excellent way for you to learn just that. By using information about the mortgage that you are looking to own, it can tell you if you are indeed able to afford it. That’s because it will spit out a bunch of numbers one of which is the estimated monthly payment for the mortgage you are considering. This way, you can play with the numbers enough to know just what dollar amount of a home you feel you can make payments on.

For example, if you know that you can afford about $800 worth of a mortgage payment per month, then you can use the amortization calculator to determine how much of a home that is. If you can get an interest rate of 6% on your home’s mortgage, for 30 years, and want your payment to come in at around $800 per month, you can use the tool or amortization calculator to determine that you can purchase a home mortgage up to $135,000. For a mortgage payment of about $1000 per month, you can afford a home mortgage up to $175,000 based on a 30 year mortgage at 6%.

Step 2 – The Disadvantages Of Using The Tool

There are a few things that you should take note of when you use an amortization calculator. First, you should realize that the numbers on the screen are no way near set in stone. These numbers can fluctuate for a number of reasons.

  • Will your interest rate be the one that you punch in? The interest rate that a lender offers you may be different than the one that is being advertised online. Your credit history may make it rise. Or, you may not qualify in other manners for it.
  • Also, this formula does not take into account any mortgage taxes as well as any mortgage insurance that you are likely to need.
  • Realize too that if you can afford the $175,000 mortgage, you’ll need this number to be the amount you purchase in the loan, not necessarily in the home you look for. That’s because there are a wide range of fees including closing costs that are often figured into the loan.

The bottom line is that the amortization calculator is an excellent tool to help you find the home of your dreams.

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