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Written By Steps To Faculty Published August 13th, 2010

Competition is fierce and the ability to sell your product requires more than some fancy words or pretty graphical ads. The modern technological environment coupled with the cynical minds of consumers have dented the copywriting business. Although copywriters are still having success with using ad copy to lure naive minds to products, the number of customers are actually shrinking due to the dire economy and due to the weariness of jaded consumers. Despite this reality, you can still get good sales results using ad copy or basic copywriting techniques. You simply need to be able to cut through the marketing noise and touch the hearts of frugal consumers. Here’s how.

Step 1 Get down to earth

When you read ads for products these days what is the first idea that comes into your head? Exactly. Like many of your potential audience you wonder which fly by night con artist is trying to pitch some faulty proeuct as a good deal for a quick buck. True to belief, COnsumer REports magazine performed a study and found that most new products sold through infommercials or through ad copy are nothing more than useless products that is bought by unassuming consumers who were fooled by clever copywriting. Get down to earth when beginning to write copy and consider the cynicism in the minds of global consumers.

Step 2 Be convincing in your headlines

Below are two examples of headline copywriting.

First: Learn to write great copy that sells from Copywriting X that has been in business for 25 years.

Second: Want more customers? Discover a 99.9% proven copywriting system that is guaranteed to raise sales by 5% in the next six months

Which do you think is more convincing if you had to buy from either the first or second company? Yes. The second one is more convincing. YOu need to grasp the attention of readers by offering something that aseems legit, realistic, and plausible. While the first one notes how many years they have been in operation, it leaves a person guessing about the effectiveness of the business.

Step 3 Use power phrases

Although cliche, there are certain power phrases that naturally grab the attention of a reader, even though it sounds like a sales pitch. These phrases include quick success or fast success, proven, effective, and ease. Effective and easy are the most common words because most customers seek a quick result that does not take too much effort.

Step 4 Cover the basics

In journalism and English you may have learned about the five w’s-who, where, when, why, and what. In copywriting these elements must be addresed up front in the ad copy. Do not leave your customers or readers guessing. Tell up front about the product, who it is for, why it is on the market, when it is available, and where it can be purchased.

Step 5 Make the ad copy relevant and useful to customers

Always keep in mind the target – to convince consumers that the product being sold is what they will need or want at this point in time or in the future. Only use relevant copy that satisfies customer tastes and needs. Use accurate and curernt information when doing so.

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