Steps to becoming expert in internet marketing

Written By Steps To Faculty Published August 13th, 2010

Online marketing seems like rocket science, but in reality it is very simple. When a potential client comes into contact with your company it is known as a touchpoint. They are valuable ways for online businesses to build brand loyalty, increase word of mouth marketing, and trust. There are several techniques that you can use to engage in online marketing practice and significantly improve your business.

Step 1 Fix your site

A business web site ought to tell the potential clients what they need and want to know about your business. It should be able to engage potential clients hence the site should be fresher and valuable for it to be revisited and referred to by clients

Step 2 Use social media

Everything you do from blogging, to posting on Twitter- adds to your online persona. If you genuinely engage more with your human-side of others, the more memorable you become thus creating more touchpoints.

Step 3 Get the message out

Develop a habit of writing and distributing press releases announcing news related to your business. Launching a new site, speaking at a conference, volunteering is a remarkable strategy for the company’s image.

Step 4 Send an email

Regularly use an email signature to offer another email-based touchpoint. The more frequent and the higher the quality you send messages on those sites, the more efficient and effective your marketing campaign.

Step 5 Advertise

You should know where your target audience spends their time by tracking it through the metrics. Once this information is assessed, then you should advertise on those specific sites for extreme effectiveness so as to reach your desired target market. Recurring ads and information gets them interested and ready to learn more about the product.

Regularly ask your clients to give you a feedback on the quality of services given to them then integrate their suggestions and requests into the business. Ensure that the people interacting with your customers are of high standards for effective communication to occur between them and the clients.

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