Steps to make an impressionable podcast/webcast

Written By Steps To Faculty Published August 13th, 2010

A podcast is a series of multimedia files which can be downloaded through web syndication. Podcasts and webcasts are a great tool to showcase your goods and services to the public and to keep them abreast about the latest developments at your firm. The success of a company by using podcast/webcast as a marketing tool totally depends on how attractive and impressing it is to the user. The following are some of the ways to make it impressionable. Take a look.

Step 1 Keep it short

Ensure the running time is not too long. The advisable time for a podcast is 5-8 minutes. Shorter podcast/webcast encourages user to give it a try. Time can be increased as the audience grows. In addition, the attention span of most audiences is 10 minutes before they become despondent.

Step 2 Include anecdotes

Include short stories to make it live and attract the users’ attention. Use animations when recording to ensure that it done with energy and passion. This will attract the users’ attention. Alos try to mimick the events in the real world to make it better and keep the audience engaged.

Step 3 Present an attractive personality

Users will not be listening to just information included on the podcast only, but also impression personality will make them use the webcast/podcast more and more. Therefore as a creator, ensure that you make it as attractive as possible. For example, when someone had a deep tone or shouts you feel turned off by the podcast or webcast. On the other hand, if the voice is light and pleasant it makes you want to listen more. In like manner, making a good presentation on a webcast and smiling when appropriate and being cheerful shows the audience that you are delightful and comeptent about the subject matter.

Step 4 Go straight to subject

A good podcast makes the message available at the first sight. It shouldn’t make the user go through many steps before arriving at the intended message. You should also publicize to make sure that you provide the user with a direct link to download the facility. Pod catcher software should be used to make it available when needed by the user.

Step 5 Use best microphone to record

Do this to prevent the User from the strain of trying to listen to the podcast word by word. For this reason, the developer should make sure to use a USB microphone if available. This makes background sound much audible than ordinary microphone. People need to hear what you are saying clearly to be moved by it.

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