The best merchant account companies for internet marketing other than Paypal and Worldpay

Written By Steps To Faculty Published August 13th, 2010

Internet merchant accounts are an account certified by a commercial bank allowing a vending company to acknowledge a credit or debit card order from a consumer and the cash is deposited into the company’s depository account. Although the two largest merchant account vendors are Paypal ( and Worldpay (, your clients may not be able to pay you through these channels. Although both of the vendors have been around for five years, not all customers have paypal accounts or feel comfortable paying through worldpay. Hence you may need a different payment system that accepts credit card, e-checks, and other payment methods for your online business.

Step 1 Take the easy way out is a simple and easy way to process credit cards, although it is not the cheapest. It offers a simple answer to those who wish to start dispensation of credit cards online apart from pharmaceutical and other e-commerce businesses.

Step 2 Get a range of services Offers a full range of direct merchant account andhas a large catalog of merchant account resellers including the ability to process e-Checks.

Step 3 Be traditional

Payment gateway accounts provide the merchant with protection by authorizing each sale before it occurs. Consumers are barred from making purchases until their disbursement has been accepted.

Step 4 Join a wider network

United Bank Card offers POS as well as CNP transaction services since it is part of the United Bank Card Network.

Step 5 Get a sponsor

Marketing by Independent Sales Organization (ISO)/MSPs must be sponsored by a member of the bank hence the financial stability and sustainability of the company is required.

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