Trends to get grow your online customer base

Written By Steps To Faculty Published August 13th, 2010

Online businesses frequently visit special sites to advertise and sell their product. These sites are called social sites. Such sites provide users with ability to exchange content, media among other facilities. There have been a few recent trends in online business to help these organizations reach out to the masses with minimal cost and effort. The trends are as follows.

Step 1 Post on Facebook

Using Facebook posts enables business owners to reach millions at the site and provide pertinent information about their business. Through pleasing images and texts (marquee),many business owners have found this to be a long lasting trend. Despite recent concerns about privacy on Facebook, over 300 million user still enjoy what the site has to offer and that is the audience that you can sell to.

Step 2 Tweet

Like facebook posts, Twitter is a cutting edge tool that keeps your customers informed about what you are doing. Twitter allows business owners to provide information about their businesses and provide Special offers and constant updates.

Step 3 Blog

The use of Blogs is still considered trendy. You can provide useful and unusual insights into a space where the owner updates the comments, give description of a new product and can include series of photos and videos that showcase the value of the product. Although bloggig has become a mature way to attract customers in online business, it is still effective. You can also invite customers to discuss their feeling about your products, which in turn helps you make better goods and services.

Step 4 Bookmark and tag

The use of Tags as an online utility where the user or the owner of the site can assign to a description of a bookmark, image or even a file which will be available upon browsing, is a newer trend in online business. It is used by business owners to display their products and capture the customers of other businesses. This technique is used in conjunction with bookmaking. Bookmarks is when a user of the site can organize search an store bookmarks on their own to use them for browsing. This can be used as way to provide links leading to the marketed bookmarks.

Step 5 Make a podcast

Podcasting is a utility providing looping digital media that allows you to record a speech or write up something about your business, which can then be viewed by millions of people at a later time.

Since online business is now the mainstream, these trends will be around for the next couple of years. Please visit for more great business advice.

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