The top 5 most profitable collectibles of 2010

Written By Steps To Faculty Published August 14th, 2010

Getting the most from your investment in a collectible is one of the main reasons you invested in this niche maket in the first place. While most collectible items generate profit over time (you sell it for more than you paid for the item), some collectibles seem to naturally be highly profitable no matter how much time has lapsed between the purchase date and the date of future sale. Even decades into the future, some collectible item are classic and will be profitable regardless of the condition. The following is a list of the five most profitable collectibles of all time per Antiques magazine, a survey conducted by auction site E-bay, and Take a look.

Step 1 Drive

Recently a Sterz Bearcat 1913 make automobile sold for $323,300 on e-bay, the highest paid for a car. Many refurbishers have found that vintage or older cars, if properly restored, can fetch thousands of dollars at auctions. People like to own a piece of history and there is no greater piece of history than an automobile from a period in time. Look for used cars from the 1950s and earlier and restore them to their former glory if possible. If you do you can make a mint. To find such cars look at and then type in the year to find cars at cheap prices.

Step 2 Stock up on antiques

One person’s garbage is another’s treasure. Indivisduals place a value on a vintage item. For example, a 1925 painting may belong in someone’s family. So although it may not be of interest to you, another person would be willing to spend thousands on an antique. For example a 1925 gold slot machine sold for $13,000 from a seller who bought it at a garage sale for $50. Try to find great antique dealers near you.Go to to find a local appriaser.

Step 3 Find old letters or books

Comic books, turn of the century love letters and other relics tend to go for at least 50% more than the original sale price. Stock up on these items if possible. Try to get a specialist.

Step 4 Trade in sports memorabilia

Sports is always going to be a top selling antique area. Baseball cards of former greats, old sports equipment, and other similar items usually appreciate 45% over a ten year period. Go to to find out whatn the collectibles are worth.

Step 5 Appreciate money

Coins and foreign currency fluctuate in value, but at times when the market is high you can trade in your coins for a sizeable profit. Look for vintage nickels dated prior to 1935 and silver dollar bills before 1950. These fetch for 20% more than the price you bought them for. Go to to get an online appraisal.

Remember, the collectibles market may be small but it has longevity. Please visit for more great business advice.

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