Your Very Own All-in-one Bank Account

Written By Steps To Faculty Published August 18th, 2010

Step 1: Opening that first bank account is really something else. Few things can compare to the thrill of getting that first passbook. Many of you will agree that it probably marked your independence as well as opened your eyes to financial freedom. Most often, people are in the habit of opening bank accounts in those banks which have been doing business with their parents for years.

No worries there, if they are satisfied with the services of their choice of financial institution. The safety of your money is secured. However, there is a big possibility that their bank might not be offering new and better services that other companies now offer. Smaller, conservative banks do not often introduce new services or options to their clients.

Step 2: This is the day and age of bank accounts to suit the needs of different people. As the demand from consumers increase, institutions are coming up with ways to be more competitive. For the old-fashioned account seeker, it makes sense to go in for an interest earning checking account which encourages savings. Another is the savings and insurance account for those who wish to protect themselves with an accident insurance, all the while earning interest.

The time deposit now enables you to transfer the interests on a monthly basis, to your specified bank account. With the rise of newer and newer requirements and lifestyles everyday, banks have to ensure that they appeal to customers daily.

Step 3: Whatever bank account you choose, and whatever services you wish to avail, there are various things that must be considered before making a decision.

– Are you looking for an account that will earn a huge interest? A savings account might be just the thing. Whilst keeping your money secure, you’re earning off of your savings. Savings accounts are also coupled with ATM/Debit cards which you can use to purchase from online stores, restaurants and grocery stores.

And whenever you need money, you can rush off to the nearest ATM machine and withdraw some.

– Are you looking for an account that will enable you to pay for utilities? A checking account could be the answer to your prayers. All lending institutions as well as utility service providers accept checks as payments. Checks are as good as cash – you don’t even have to worry about sending it via mail. However, most banks do not offer interest for checking accounts, and even charge for the services.

– Do you want your money to earn without gambling it? You would benefit a great deal if you made use of the time deposit service. It is just a matter of choosing the institution with the highest interest rates, as well as the terms in which you can withdraw you money. A rolling time deposit gives you free reign to your money, all the while letting you cash in on interests.

You are not limited to just one option. Just take out the time to talk to your bank and ask about their new services or promos. Discovering the ideal bank account may just be as easy as pie.

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