“It’s All About Relationships…In This Business!”

Written By dustinmathews Published August 19th, 2010

Dustin Mathews

Listen up affiliate managers, “connectors” and the people that really make things happen in this business 😉

There’s only one word you need to know if you want to make a boat load of money doing what you do.

Want to know?


You saw that one coming, right? It’s really quite obvious, however if you’re looking to ‘stuff your sleeves’ with a few tricks, keep reading.

Here’s are my top three “Ninja Strategies” for building rapport with any Guru and crafting a solid relationship…

Step 1. Take A Picture – When I was first getting into this business (and knew no-one), I would snap a picture with the Guru when I saw them at an event. Then I would print, frame and mail it to them. Who’s going to throw away a picture frame? Seriously. I did this with Lou Brown and he once told me that I look at him every day. When he saw that puzzled look in my face, he reminded me that I had sent him a picture of us from an event over a year ago.

Step 2. Always Send Something Afterwards – When I moved from affiliate manager into becoming a Guru, I always sent Edible Arrangement or a Personalized Giant Hershey Chocolate Bar after I spoke, even if it wasn’t cost effective. Remember the key is the relationship, so do whatever it takes to create an awesome connection…even if it means coming out of pocket. If anything, send a handwritten thank you note.

Step 3. Hook Them Up – Gurus loved to be hooked up with webinars and… more so, stages. If there is any way you can do that, you’ll get mad brownie points. Talk to other affiliate managers to find out if there was a last minute cancellation on a stage. It happens more often than you’d think. It’s May, and I’ve already received 3 phone calls looking for “last minute speakers.” Just envision how that Guru will feel when you call him/her with the” good news.”

Step 4. BONUS Strategy: Create An Offline Newsletter – In order to get people to promote me as a Guru and to connect with affiliates, I created Dirty Talk. And for most of you that know me, I’m not edgy at all. However, since most speakers have ADD, I knew I had to get their attention. I simply talk about what’s working in the business and who’s up to what. I also include pictures with other folks, so people tear it open to see if they made this month’s issue. When I first started this, I paid out of pocket for all the costs…now I charge for advertising so it costs me nothing. I would easily keep paying for it, as it has generated over $100,000 in revenue to my business.

Now that you are armed with these “Ninja Strategies,” get out there and start building lasting relationships!

Roger Due

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