Seminar Success – “Back End Profit Strategies”

Written By dustinmathews Published August 19th, 2010

Dustin Mathews

Simply put, the money is in the back end.

All the webinars you’ve lined up…and the gigs you’ve arranged are vital but the real action happens at events where the big ticket items are offered.

You must focus every resource in creating the ultimate experience for the customer to get them to buy coaching programs.

Here’s a few hints to maximize your back end…

Step 1 Positioning – In every event we hold, we always have coaches there to help us close sales. Now, notice I didn’t say “sales reps” or “order takers” as they are often referred to. We bring in higher level entrepreneurs or students to work the back of the room. Here’s the kicker…we will start the seminar with a high intensity intro and before our first break we bring our coaches on stage and sell the audience on meeting with them to take their businesses to the next level. We will typically let the audience know that these coaches charge upwards of $500 per hour, so it’s a real treat to be able to talk with them during the event. Pretty ninja, huh? It gets better…

Step 2 “Strategery” (as George Bush would say)– I remember running an event where we had 16 speakers in 4 short days. It was a straight up MEGA Sell-A-Thon! Nowadays, your audience would shoot you if you did this. So we’ve evolved to having maybe 1 or 2 outside speakers (for building relationships). The focus now is selling high ticket coaching programs ($10,000+). At first I was amazed to learn that folks would invest this kind of money and more. There’s even a few Gurus that sell a $35K – $60K coaching program. As you can tell it doesn’t take many of these sales to make some serious money. Heck, now I charge $10,000 for a single day to work with me to a killer presentation!

Step 3 Time To Eat – Remember the “coaches?” One of our advanced strategies, is to “sell the audience” on signing up with our coaches for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Rule of thumb is no more than 5 folks to one coach. During these times, coaches are able to build rapport and discover what the students need to get to the next level. So be sure to schedule plenty of time for these breaks because this when the sales happen. The best part: we get the students to pay for the coaches meals!

Since a bulk of income is generated at events with backend programs, I recommend taking an uninterrupted day to mastermind strategies for your next boot camp. If not, you’re leaving some serious money on the table. Seriously.

Roger Due

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