Online Trading Sent Via Blackberry by AT&T

Written By Steps To Faculty Published August 23rd, 2010

Online trading with wireless devices is growing in popularity as cell phone technology continues to increase. Where once only select handsets could access only rudimentary online functions, today’s smart phones are capable of performing many of the same tasks as a desktop computer. The Blackberry by AT&T is one of these smart phones, capable of accomplishing many tasks on the go. For those involved in the financial sector, the ability to perform online trading sent via a Blackberry by AT&T provides an opportunity to stay ahead of the game in terms of investment management on the go. For those new to wireless trading, the follow tips to online trading sent via Blackberry by AT&T are intended to give you a starting point.

Step 1. Read the instructions.

Blackberry phones are complicated devices to the novice. They can perform a multitude of tasks and functions, some right out of the box. Other functions require the download of various applications. Be sure to read the instructions for your phone to make the most use of available online trading capabilities with minimal errors or frustrations.

Step 2. Establish accounts with appropriate trading companies.

Without an existing account, you cannot access mobile applications for various companies in order to trade through their platform. Security in the trading and financial industry is extremely tight. Basically, without an account, you are dead in the water in terms of wireless trading.

Step 3. Make sure you have the right device for the right company.

Each company has different capabilities in terms of wireless trading. E*TRADE, for example, many not have the capabilities for wireless trading with the same devices as Scottrade or Charles Schwab. Likewise, some companies provide their own devices for wireless trading.

Step 4. Beware of service outages and glitches.

It has been reported that trades carried out on Blackberries and other devices have shown on the device as failing. However, the trades actually did go through and users wound up purchasing stocks twice.

Step 5. Know your applications.

Before you can begin trading, you may need to download specific applications for your Blackberry. Check with your trading firm for specifics on how to use wireless trading with your Blackberry for their company.

Beware of security. Just as you would guard your laptop or wallet while out in public, keep your Blackberry where you can see it at all times, such as a shirt or front pants pocket. Information on your transactions can be stored on your phone and accessed by hackers just like your laptop. Please visit for more great business advice.

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