Places commercial real estate is picking up in spite of the real estate fiasco

Written By Steps To Faculty Published August 23rd, 2010

Every corner of the United States has been affected in some manner by the recent recession, especially the once robust commercial real estate market. Currently, in the news you may hear of the increasing number of residential and commercial property foreclosures across the nation and even in your hometown and become skeptical about the possibility of domestic recovery. While there will be many regions of the country that may not pick up again due to loss of population and businesses, there are also some hot spots poised for growth by 2012. Let’s take a look.

Step 1 Grow in Omaha

Contrary to what you may think, Omaha, Nebraska has a stable residential and commercial real estate market. The strong agricultural base plus solid technological industries and of course the great investor Warren Buffet each helped to ensure that Omaha will be around for quite some time. In fact, despite some extreme weather, many businesses are relocating to this region and government funds have also been pumped into the Omaha economy. Mutual of omaha is also a solid company that can help insure any business. THe city also can boast about having one of the lowest foreclosure rates nationwide-only 1/3,250 houses go into foreclosure here. The 4% unemployment rate and nearly 1.5% growth metropolitan rate have poised Omaha for dramatic growth.

Step 2 Weather any economic downturn in Dallas, TX

Like Omaha, Dallas is a great city that does not solely rely on financial service industries and manufacturing for its economic base. Oil and fuels are very big in Texas, and specifically in Dallas and in Houston. As such, Dallas was not as impacted as many other metropolitan areas when the economic downturn occurred. HOme to many regional banks and federally funded development projects, Dallas is poised for solid growth.

Step 3 Go north to Rochester, NY

Unlike, New York City and the Long Island region, upstate New YOrk is on solid ground. Recent government funding has helped make Rochester set to be a hotspot for biofuels and other energy sources. In addition, strong educational institutions such as Rochester Institute of Technology and the famous ivy-league Cornell University have helped entreprenuers to develop profitable business and valuable commercial real estate.

Step 4 Bask in the glory of San Antonio and Austin, TX

Dallas may be big on oil, but San Antonio and Austin have government seats and the military presence to ensure that local commercial property remains valuable in the long run. Texas as a state did not weather much of the economic downturn as much of the nation, but did not have as great a boom as well in the period prior to the economic fallout. San Antonio and even Austin have solid industries such as chemicals and energy, which stablized the commercial real estate market.

Step 5 Buy commercial property in Washington DC

Our nation’s capital not only is home to the federal government and federal dollars, but has a booming economy and robust commercial real estate market also. The housing and commercial real estate market as such did not crash as heavily as in other parts of the country since it was business as usual for the government.

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