Steps to Take Your Cupcake Business Online

Written By Steps To Faculty Published August 23rd, 2010

Getting any business online, whether selling cupcakes or healthcare insurance, takes careful planning. It also takes an understanding of the difference between doing business in person and doing business online. Assuming your dream cupcake business already exists, even if only on a part time, home-based basis, the following steps will help you move your business to the internet.

Step 1. Write a business plan.

Even if your cupcake business is pre-existing, you will still need a business plan for your online business. Many business planning steps are universal between online and offline. However, online businesses take different steps in terms of creating your online presence, marketing your business, and fulfilling orders. In essence, moving your business online is almost like opening another location or starting a new business from scratch.

Step 2. Determine your USP.

Your unique selling proposition (USP) for an online cupcake business may be very different from your USP for a brick and mortar business. What makes you unique locally might not be unique when you move to the global arena of an online business.

Step 3. Set up your internal processes first.

How are orders going to be processed? Who will receive the orders? How will you collect payment and ship your cupcakes to customers?

Step 4. Invest in a professional website.

Your website is the only storefront online customers will ever see. In this case, judging a book by its cover is exactly what customers are going to do. Make sure you present the image you want with your website.

Step 5. Invest in professional copywriting for your site and other marketing collateral.

Just as the look and feel of your site gives an impression of your business, so do the words on your site. They can entice and engage customers, or turn them away.

Learn how to market on the internet. Internet marketing techniques are slightly different then offline marketing. Many concepts are universal, but carrying out the necessary tasks is quite different. Instead of Chamber of Commerce functions, you participate in forums or on social media sites. You will also need to know about attracting traffic, converting traffic, and analyzing website statistics to see if you are meeting your goals. Set realistic goals and evaluate your progress.

Once your internal processes are in place, your site is live, and your copywriting is finished, it is time to actually work your business. Set realistic goals, just as you would a brick and mortar bakery and determine appropriate times and methods for evaluating what is or is not working. Please visit for more great business advice.

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