Trends in offline advertising for a business

Written By Steps To Faculty Published August 23rd, 2010

The recent economic downturn has affected many businesses. Slashed advertising budgets were not uncommon for the past two years. While many small business owners decided to catch the wave of online advertising as a means to connect with customers and boost profits, there was an equal number of entrepreneurs that turned their attention to offline advertising as a way to save money. Despite efforts to use online advertising means such as social media, many companies have not been able to translate these ads into actual returning customers or even first time buyers. The reality in today’s market is that customers buy what they need and can relate to. Hence offline advertising still has its place in the ad world as it is still a proven means to get customers. Let’s look at five trends.

Step 1 Think point of purchase (pop)

Although this practice is not new, many companies are using pop advertisement as a way of getting customers to try a product. For example, pop displays are those colorful and decorative boxes in the aisles of stores that contain an unusual trial sample or actual product that is not on the shelf. This method is effective roughly 54% of the time as customers buy the product after being drawn to the newness and the bright display. Try to schedule an appopintment to try pop advertising for your products. This method usually runs $800 per box.

Step 2 Put up a poster

This is the second most popular form of offline advertising for a reason. It works. For example, when you see a snapple poster in the window of 7-11 do you remember snapple as you go into 7-11? This is what 34% of customer do also. Using posters can help you gain clients that did not even have before. Try to find a list of companies that specialize in poster displays.

Step 3 Give a sample

When you go to your grocers, is there an increase in the number of salespeople that offer to try a sample of food? Many small businesses are using this practice to get customers to try something new and get them hooked on their good or service. Contract with your local store to find out if you can have a salesperson present samples to passing customers.

Step 4 Sponsor an event

Even local sports games can attract hundreds of potential customers that can learn about your company. Sponsoring an event may not be more than a few hundred dollars, but a school event has kids and their parents. If you get their attention, you have customers for life since kids will buy products tht their parents bought. Try to find out how to get a deal on pen logo design and billboard development.

Step 5 Shock

Online customers do not expect to hear an ad about a website nor do they expect to hear of a company. The next time you put out an ad on the radio, mention your company name website. This will shock customers and drive them to your store.

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